Can the government track you with VPN?

VPNs have gained a formidable reputation as a solid privacy and security tool in today’s world. Many people believe that having a VPN will thoroughly cover their backs online and completely protect them from any third-party snooping by providing untraceable anonymity. This is kind of true too except for strong government authorities who can detect VPN traffic but even then, also, you don’t need to worry. Why? Let’s find out.

Can the government track you with VPN?

So, what is a VPN and why is it so essential? Let’s say you are online, maybe you are torrenting, streaming, or just getting a bit of online shopping done. No matter if you are inside your room or using public WiFi while doing these, your online activity remains vulnerable and visible one way or the other, if you are not guarded by a VPN connection. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network efficiently hides your IP address and endows you with anonymity for performing actions on the internet that becomes nearly undetectable now, by giving you access to one of their servers. Thus, a VPN connection generates a secure and encrypted data tunnel between the local network of the particular user and the server of the VPN provider, which ultimately gives you a strong shield of privacy.

Now what arises as a matter of concern is that can you be still be tracked, even after using a VPN, which you might have paid a good amount of money to subscribe for? Your solution here is a particular VPN with a no-logs policy. Yes, that is what you need. Because it is pretty hard to track something which doesn’t exist, as the data left by you during your online browsing didn’t get stored even with your VPN provider. Thus, using these VPNs is beneficial because at some point if the government decides to approach the particular VPN provider, then also they wouldn’t be able to hand over any of your activity records, because simply, they themselves don’t have it. Technically speaking, authoritarian regimes and other government surveillance organizations can use sophisticated firewalls and deep packet inspection to monitor the incoming data packets and thus can recognize VPN traffic, which means, if the government wants, they can know that if you are using VPN or not, but that is it. Even after that, they won’t be able to specifically track what content you are viewing or which site you are exactly visiting while using the VPN.

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