ExpressVPN vs Tunnel Bear Which is good to buy ?

ExpressVPN vs Tunnel Bear

Are you confused as to which VPN (Virtual Private Network) you should prefer? If yes, then you have landed on the right page as today we are going to talk about two most popular VPNs i.e. ExpressVPN and Tunnel Bear. Both the VPNs have their pros and cons along with them and here we’ll be comparing features of both of them to clarify which is better.

Here is a comparison table is given below to give an insight regarding the features of both ExpressVPN and tunnel bear. Have a look:

ExpressVPN Tunnel Bear
Quite rapid Incorporates a free plan
Availability of servers in more than 90 nations Amazing for live streaming the content
Capable of unblocking Netflix and BBC iPlayer Flawless in security and protection arrangement
  Amazing security highlights Works in china
Excellent multi-stage support


There are various features based on which we will go to compare both the VPNs. Some of them have been discussed below:

Number of connections

ExpressVPN and Tunnel Bear both allows up to five simultaneous connections. This implies that you can connect the VPN with five different devices and can operate at the same time. However, when it comes to multi-stage support, ExpressVPN has an edge over tunnel bear as it provides better multi-stage support in comparison however only with some specific switches and application. Tunnel Bear, on the other hand, has to be physically introduced on a more extensive scope of gadgets and works with merely two explicit Linux systems i.e. Ubuntu 16+ and Fedora Workstation 25+.

In addition to this, both the VPNs also permit you to utilize split tunneling through which one can use applications by sidestepping the VPN. However, this component is only accessible in Tunnel Bear android application, and in ExpressVPN it can be accessed on applications for Windows, Android, and macOS. There are two other offerings that tunnel bear additionally provides to its users i.e. the programmed wifi protection which associates you with the VPN whenever you are using it and a program extension for opera. However, it doesn’t secure the program traffic that ExpressVPN surely does. It has an additional advantage of making sure about the traffic from all the applications without any hassle.


When talking about the capabilities of both the VPNs in unblocking the content for streaming, ExpressVPN overtakes Tunnel Bear in doing so. Along with improving online security, ExpressVPN allows you to stream the blocked content on which geographical restrictions are imposed. You can use the VPN to get to unblock the content from abroad stages. It unblocks a wide scope of content including those that other VPNs find difficult to do. Some of them are Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

The tunnel bear on the other hand gives a blended achievement in the testing. Though it has the capability to unblock a couple of stages like NBC and ITV Hub, however, it still battles with a large portion of significant content and couldn’t able to unlock it. Moreover, it is also unable to unblock Netflix which many other free VPNs easily do. In this way, tunnel bear falls short in this regard.

 Set up and interface

ExpressVPN and tunnel bear both have their desktop and mobile applications. Both have an automatic setup for windows, Android, macOS, and IOS. However, ExpressVPN has its setup with some additional systems such as Linux and other routers.

Desktop apps

Both of these administrations have magnificent and desktop applications. ExpressVPN provides its users with a quick connection button up in front that permits you to rapidly change the area from the principle screen. In addition, it also has a distinct page where all the alternatives are sorted out with different tabs hence makes it simple to discover. It empowers you to run a legitimate speed test from the application for comparison when connecting.

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Tunnel bear setting up of the location is mostly map-based. It means you can either tap on a country to connect or you have an option to select from the drop list that appears on the top point of the screen. By going on the setting page, from the sidebar you can likewise click any icon. The entire choices of tunnel bear are controlled with basic flip switches which makes it extremely convenient for the user in case he changes the settings.

 Mobile apps

The mobile application of ExpressVPN looks precisely similar to that of desktop applications however; few differences are there from the desktop version. For instance, with the mobile app, you can only connect by means of OpenVPN conventions. This implies that now you cannot empower or disable the wifi protection. However, you would be able to access all the important features such as activation of the kill switch, automatic connection on start and the split tunneling.

Talking about tunnel bear, it also works in a similar manner like desktop apps but the capacity to naturally ensure the wifi would not be accessible. Also, you will not able to connect on startup. These are the only difference that is there otherwise all the other features are purely available. Another interesting fact about tunnel bear is that it has bear-themed names, ‘ghost bear’ that encrypts the traffic data, ‘vigilant bear’ that activates the kill switch feature and ‘splitbear’ that allows the split tunneling feature to get activated.

 Servers and performance

In terms of the number of servers both the VPN provides and their performances, ExpressVPN has undoubtedly an edge over tunnel bear. ExpressVPN covers a greater number of countries when compared to the tunnel bear. It covers around 94+ countries and tunnel bear just has servers in 21+ nations. However, ExpressVPN utilizes virtual networks in various countries such as Singapore and the Netherlands.


Concerning speedy connection, tunnel bear represents a noteworthy issue s it has a free plan, and anybody can utilize it without spending even a penny. It implies that it will have high quantities of individual users which will ultimately affect the speed of the VPN connection. The more the users, the lesser will be the connecting speed.

On the other hand, ExpressVPN has eight times the number of servers than tunnel bear that means even if it has a huge number of utilizes, but the average server loan would be less and therefore a high-speed connection assurance is there with ExpressVPN.


Security is the most crucial highlight while choosing a VPN. We generally search for DNS and IP address breaks to get a smart thought as if there would not be any danger to your network from any unauthorized individual. Let’s discuss the protection part of both the VPNs as which one works better in this regard.

ExpressVPN offers a variety of conventions which include OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. Usually, the users prefer to utilize OpenVPN as it is the most secure network while executing the activities. With respect to encryption, one has to constantly set up with AES 256-piece. This is undoubtedly an incredible encrypted VPN provider that offers unbreakable degrees of security and privacy. ExpressVPN doesn’t log your activities, your history information, or traffic goal and gathers as meager data as conceivable about its user. Also, in case you are using bitcoins for payment, all that required from you is an email address and nothing else. Therefore, when using ExpressVPN you don’t need to worry about the security issues.

Tunnel bear is less conventional in this regard when compared with ExpressVPN, however, it works flawlessly with OpenVPN which is majorly used by the audience. It also coordinates well with AES 256-piece and also no spillage has even been experienced while using tunnel bear. It uses only a few details that are basic to acquire by any other VPN. The only addition that ExpressVPN gives is security while paying with bitcoins.

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One of the most important aspects of any VPN is the privacy it gives to the clients. The privacy system depends largely on the country from where service is providing. For instance,

ExpressVPN is situated on the island named British Virgin where there is no obligation for data retention. No such law is there in the country. On the other hand, tunnel bear is situated in Canada which is part of the Five Eyes organization. In such a case, if some other country demands your data, it is allowed and it may offer it with any other Five Eyes. Therefore, a doubtful private system issue occurs. However, there should not be an issue if your supplier doesn’t keep information about your log activities.

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 Customer service support

Both the VPN’s provide quite decent customer services to its clients. The tunnel bear offers amazing services in case you are experiencing any difficulty regarding the usage of the VPN. You can present a ticket or can send a mail to them and you will get your response in only a couple of hours. Additionally, there is also an accessible knowledge base where some questions and answers are given for the convenience of the users.

ExpressVPN has a distinctive customer support service as it delineates the contrast between its paid users and free users. The latter can connect with them over email while the former can bolster straightforwardly through live talk. The staff of this VPN provider is helpful and generally answers very quickly. You may not find the information base here but in case you are all the more a visual student, you can discover videos that appear in between on the ExpressVPN YouTube channel. Therefore, both the services have a great customer support service and don’t make their clients wait for too long to get their problems resolved.

 Availability in China

China is one such country that has the largest web restrictions imposed on the service providers. Therefore, not every VPN essentially can talk a shot at the territory. Talking about ExpressVPN and tunnel bear, fortunately, both the VPNs works in china however, their sites are hindered by the Great Firewall. In simple words, it can be implied that you would not be able to install the VPN applications once you enter the country. Therefore, make certain to install your picked VPN before reaching the territory. There is no other uncommon procedure that is required to utilize the ExpressVPN in China. You can simply follow the steps that you normally utilize to install and you will have the access to the websites you like.

To use tunnel bear in china, an additional setting is required to enable in order to encrypt the data to make it anonymous that you are using a VPN. For this, you just need to click the Security tab and enable the Ghost Bear option.


Price is one of the most crucial aspects that need to be considered while purchasing anything especially VPNs. Also, along with the price, other offerings such as free trial options, the refund policy, and payment methods should need to be considered.

ExpressVPN is one of the expensive VPN in the market and offers very less discount. The highest discount you can avail is by taking the subscription of 15 months which brings the value down to an extent that is more comparable to different VPNs. There is only one limitation that is there with ExpressVPN and that is it doesn’t provide free trial however it has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with VPN. Talking regarding the payment methods, this VPN accepts payment via all the platforms including Visa, PayPal, etc. It also accepts bitcoins for the purpose which is an incredible alternative for the individuals who need to stay unknown when using VPN and want fewer paper formalities.

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The tunnel bear offers its users an amazing free plan that gives 500Mb per month of bandwidth. You can expand the transmission capacity up to 1 GB by tweeting about the amount you are cherishing tunnel bear. On the other hand, if you avail of the paid membership of the VPN, you will get unlimited data bandwidth. The charges of tunnel bears are affordable and the annual plan offers a heavy discount which makes it cheaper to get. Coming to the payment methods, tunnel bear accepts two methods i.e. via credit card or bitcoins to make the details anonymous and untraceable. It likewise provides a 30-day money-back guarantee just like ExpressVPN does.

 Final words:

From the above information mentioned regarding both the popular VPNs i.e. ExpressVPN and Tunnel bear, we conclude that ExpressVPN is better than tunnel bear however is expensive. On the other hand, the Tunnel bear is economical for the individuals and has decent features to consider. You can prioritize what you are looking for and what factors you would consider for the same.

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques1. Which one is better? ExpressVPN or Tunnel bear?

Answer. In contrast, it can be stated that ExpressVPN has better highlights and has essentially a prominent range therefore has an edge over tunnel bear. However, tunnel bear is too an amazing and powerful VPN so assessments will be dependent on the person what he/she is searching for.

Ques2. The speed of which VPN is faster between ExpressVPN or Tunnel Bear?

Answer. The speeds of the VPNs largely depend on the location of the user and the service supplier. The performances of both of them are quite similar but ExpressVPN shoed marginally higher speed than that of tunnel bear as per the zone wise tests. It is always advisable to the buyer that they should check the accessibility of servers and pick one that is close to the location.

Ques3. Which VPN is cheaper between ExpressVPN and Tunnel bear?

Answer. If we look at the cost of both the VPNs, for the monthly plan, ExpressVPN cost is $11.72 and for tunnel bear, it is $9.07. On the other hand, the annual subscription (6-15 months) of the former one costs $9.05 and $6.06 and $4.53 for the latter. It can be concluded that in terms of cost, the tunnel bear is cheaper between two.

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