How do I know if Express VPN is working?

Among the vast choices of VPN services available in hand, Express VPN is one of the top VPN providers functioning worldwide, with their high-speed servers distributed in 94 countries, which is vast and impressive. Express VPN is a trendy choice of VPN for streaming or surfing or basically in terms of anything related to internet browsing with a well-deserved reputation due to its incredible speed, top-notch customer support, and a wide range of superior features along with vast compatibility across devices.

When it comes to the functioning of this particular VPN system, that further adds to the efficiency of this VPN because of its hassle-free and straightforward operations. Starting from setting up the application and using it in everyday privacy concerns while online streaming or surfing to applying the advanced, in-depth features provided by it like split tunneling, protocol change, kill switch, etc., everything can be performed via effortless non-complicated steps.

How do I know if Express VPN is working?

Once the device, be it a smartphone or a PC, or a tablet, is connected to the Express VPN after opening the app in the said device, one might need to check whether the VPN is properly connected. For this purpose, the user first needs to make sure that the Express VPN application is up and running. Then there are two ways to verify the active status of the VPN; either via going with the ‘IP address checker’ option or running the ’DNS leak test,’ with both the options present on the main window of the application home screen.

With the former route, if the connection is proper and the VPN is working actively, then the IP, i.e., internet provider address displayed, will match with the particular location the user is connected to via the Express VPN. Also, a confirmation message saying that “your IP address is secured” is shown simultaneously. Coming to the latter alternative, after clicking on the ‘DNS leak test’ and thus through running it, the actively working connection to the VPN can be confirmed if the message displayed says, “No DNS leaks detected. You are using ExpressVPN’s secure DNS servers”. It will simply depict that the Express VPN is working correctly.

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Assistance from the expert customer service team can be sought at any point in the process. As mentioned earlier, a practical solution is positively expected immediately due to the very efficient, 24/7 active customer support of this highly acclaimed VPN service.

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