How much is ExpressVPN after a free trial?

After the last year’s global condition which still is kind of continuing, we all are quite attached to our money and savings now. So, if you have to purchase a VPN for one reason or another, you might wonder is ExpressVPN really worth the extra cash? As it is indeed an expensive VPN service at present.

How much is ExpressVPN after a free trial?

But honestly speaking, ExpressVPN is truly worth the money that you’ll spend on it as won’t leave any place for complaints once you start getting used to the perks of using it. ExpressVPN is currently an industry leader courtesy of its super-efficient VPN service and premium features. It is also one of the most recommended VPN services on a worldwide scale. VPNs have become essential power tools for the tech-savvy generation exploring the world of the internet extensively. Therefore, with a competent VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can browse, stream, access geo-restricted digital content, use torrents, and can do much more things related to online activity, all with a strong shield of privacy.

How much is ExpressVPN after a free trial

Now coming to the topic of a free trial, this first-class VPN service doesn’t exactly have any free trial or free version. What it offers is an equally beneficial 30-day money-back guarantee, in which after taking the subscription and using it for the first month if you are not satisfied with the service provided by ExpressVPN you can claim your money back with valid reasons, and well, you’ll definitely get the refund, for real. The efficient customer support team of this popular VPN service makes the whole process as much as user-friendly as possible. In total there are three payment plans available on the official website of ExpressVPN.

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The first plan comes on a deal of monthly basis, priced at $12.95 per month and this one is the most expensive one amongst all the available choices. The second option bears a special deal with a great amount of 49% discount for a15 months at-a-once investment plan including 3 free months, priced at a total of $99.95 which means this plan makes you spending $6.67 per month. This one is perhaps the most popular scheme that further comes with free cloud storage for one year. The final one on the list is the 6-months plan, accounting for a total amount of$59.95, thus, making the monthly expense $9.99. So, choose according to your preference and enjoy your private online experience.




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