How much is ExpressVPN monthly?

ExpressVPN is a well-known and widely used VPN service at present accounting for the bulk of the total VPN usage worldwide. A VPN or a virtual private network establishes a restricted and self-contained network whilst accessing the internet facility. Thus, a VPN hides the IP address of the particular user generating anonymity to perform actions or access content on the internet system that remains almost untraceable.  In the current global condition, online streaming and surfing have reached the peak of all time, thus, with that arrives the increasing need for strong security and online privacy maintenance than ever. ExpressVPN there comes as an apt option in this regard to provide the best of the VPN services to experience smooth and tension-free internet browsing.

Now moving on to the expense and the payment details for this popular VPN service. After opening the official website of ExpressVPN, a red button becomes visible that says “Get ExpressVPN”. By clicking on this button, one gets to see all the plans and respective deals offered by this prominent VPN provider. There are mainly three plans of investing and thus getting to use the exclusive features, coming straight to your device; each one with a different monthly rate.

How much is ExpressVPN monthly

The first payment plan is simply applicable for one monthly basis of buying the services, which costs $12.95 per month and the price is billed every month. This particular payment option comes out as the most expensive one amongst all the available choices. Then comes the special deal with a huge amount of discount i.e., a jaw-dropping 49% discount resulting in spending a monthly rate of $6.67.

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This second plan on the list comprises 15 months at-a-once investment plan at $99.95, billed collectively for a total of 15 months including3 free months making this the most popular scheme that further comes with one year of free cloud storage. The final one on the list is the 6-month plan with the billing amount of $59.95 for a total of 6 months, thus, accounting for the expense of $9.99 per month.

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All the mentioned plans are promised with the usual in-house assurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the service. Thus, though priced at a slightly higher side, ExpressVPN potentially serves its users with such premium features that it is undoubtedly recommendable for regular and long-term usage without any doubt.

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