How to watch CraveTV in the USA? 2023 {VPN Recommended}

How to watch CraveTV in the USA

Are you planning to travel to USA for a holiday, but don’t want to miss your favourite shows on Crave TV? Wondering how to get an access to watch Crave TV outside Canada?

It can really be a pain. If you have already tried to watch Crave TV outside Canada then you must know how frustrating it is. Like most other streaming services, CraveTV is geo-restricted.

You’ll be hit with a block message, if you try to access the CraveTV outside Canada. Well, I must say you will need a VPN first, if you want an access to Crave TV outside Canada.

VPN might sound like a really technical term, but it is really easy to use. You can get the access within just a few clicks.

Further in this article, I will explain how to can get the access by pretending that you are in Canada, no matter where you are in the world.

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  • What is Crave TV?

CraveTV is a popular Canadian VOD platform recently owned Bell Media, that features you to watch  HBO, STARZ, Comedy central, and Showtime content and more. You are totally going to love it, if you have ever had a subscription to it.


You can also watch various theatrical films and many television series. You will definitely find it frustrating if you have already paid the  subscription and it stops working.


Also, first-run Showtime services and library HBO both are available. And, it is the only subscription service available in Canada offering various classic shows, classic hits, and most exclusively HBO and Showtime.


Often, many Canadians and expats who is living in the other side of the borders often raise the question of how they can watch CraveTV in USA.

If you have the same question, then keep going with the article.

  • Why is Crave TV Region-Restricted or blocked in USA?

CraveTV is basically a Canadian platform intended for Canadian viewers only. A broadcasting license is being purchased by the service’s owners so that the domestic viewers can watch various shows, hit series from the international and local studios.


It’s really frustrating that despite having a bunch of TV shows and movies, but all of that stays in Canada only. As, the license that is purchased by the service’s owner comes with a restriction that are eligible exclusively for the Canadian provinces. If you are not in the country, then you will find an error while trying to access CraveTV.


Your access will cease to exist, even if you have a valid subscription, once you leave the Canadian border. You might be wondering, but how? As, over the internet, your geographical location dictates what you will able to access.


Hoy would CraveTV know what country you are in? It’s quite simple, your request features an IP address whenever you go offline pinpointing your geographical location. So, getting hold of a Canadian IP address is important for getting an access to CraveTV.

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  • Watch Crave TV in USA: Quick steps

You can try out these simple steps to watch CraveTV in USA without much hesitation.

  1. You first have to Download VPN app and Sign-up to get a VPN. Make sure that you install it on the device were you would love to watch.
  2. You have to open the VPN app and login with your credentials.
  3. Now, you can connect to the Canadian Server from the list.
  4. Next, you have to visit the Crave website and log in (you might need a Canadian credit card for the process).
  5. Now, you must try playing a video, it hets loaded immediately in most cases. you can easily visit CraveTV website or app and enjoy it as much as you can.
  6. If you fail the pricess, immediately contact your VPN’s help team for details.


  • Why a VPN is needed to watch Crave TV outside Canada?

Just like US Netflix, CraveTV also has limited its access to Canada only.

Also, you’ll be blocked on the spot once you step into the other country and will receive some geo-error messages. But luckily, you can easily change your IP address.

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A service called Virtual Private Network(VPN)  that can forward or reroutes your connection through its servers in a country of your choosing that will be Canada, and will assist you with a different, Canadian IP address.

Originally, VPN is for protecting your online privacy that has become a real issue in recent times. Also, you must keep in mind that there are   always good services and bad. Mostly, it’s hard to distinguish them.

You’ll able to access every Canadian geographic restricted service including CraveTV, once your IP address is being changed and tricks CraveTV to think that you’re within its broadcasting area.


  • Get an access to Crave TV with a Free VPN apps in USA

As you know, CraveTV is able to locate your location through VPN some are free while some are not. So, following few steps you can change your VPN and trick CraveTV to think that you are in Canada.

Also, even if you are in UK, USA, Australia, France, Italy or anywhere in the world can unblock and watch your favourite shows in CraveTV.

  1. First you have to download the VPN app on your streaming device, to setup VPN and connect to a Canadian VPN server.
  2. By encrypting all your traffic, VPN ensures that your privacy is protected.
  3. By locating in different countries, you can access several channels/websites from other regions.
  4. Your internet will drop approximately by 10 to 15% as through a remove VPN server, all your traffic is being channelled.

Also, you must keep in mind that all VPN providers might not have VPN servers in Canada.

Remember, there will be many drawbacks if you access through Free VPNs that will prevent you from watching streaming services. Moreover, if VoD platforms learns or recognizes a VPN connection then, the VPN providers will easily get banned.

Blacklisting free services won’t be too much trouble for the VoD platforms, as they only have few servers. Also, your experience won’t be far from pleasant even if you manage to find a free VPN to unblock CraveTV.

The speed will become terrible, as there are few servers, and are overloaded with requests. Also, they will implement a limited data usage monthly. Now, I would say it’s not enough to enjoy video streaming.

Also, you might face online security issues while accessing with Free VPNs with more other drawbacks.

  • Best VPNs to watch Crave TV in USA {Best VPN Recommended}

VPN acts as a powerful tool to create a virtual location but you might know that all of them are not good.

It does not have to be an ordeal, while choosing a VPN. You must not rush over such things. Before buying any VPN services you must keep few things in mind.

  • The service must have servers across Canada.
  • It must have the ability to bypass regional lockouts.
  • The services must have dedicated apps for various streaming devices.
  • The services provided must be intuitive interface and easy to use.
  • The service provided must not log any personally identifiable data.
  • It must have support around the clock.
  • The service must offer Crave and other similar Canadian streaming services from abroad.

Here’s a list of few  VPN services to make your decision easier:

  1. Surfshark: This offers 30+ server locations in Canada. It is starting at a range of $2.49/month which is the most economical option out there. If you are worried that it will compromise on quality due to low price, then you are wrong.


Surfshark offers best quality even at a low cost, and you will hardly face any issues for its connectivity, speed or UI while unblocking CraveTV with Surfshark or any other platforms like US Netflix, CBS, CBC & Fortex Go.


  1. PureVPN: This is the most recommended choice offering 70+ Canadian servers. Not only that, it has a dedicated dashboard for streaming channels, and you will be easily able to unblock CraveTV, ITV or any other channels of different regions which is the biggest reason of its popularity.
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  1. ExpressVPN: The services from ExpressVPN is known to be the most Premium VPN service in the industry. Also, it is known for its blazing fast speed that becomes the most loved server for streaming lovers. But ypu can enjoy it only if you can pay above market price starting at $6.67/month.

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  1. Hotspot Shield: This offers access to more than 3,200 servers in 80+ countries. Your traffic will be secured using 256-bit encryption. Any user can connect automatically when on Public Wi-Fi.

It offers solid speeds, also unblocks several Canadian streaming services, and has strong security privacy protections. It is ideal for streaming.

  1. CyberGhost: It is beginner-friendly, and for those who is looking for just a VPN that works. It offers fast speed, and puts security protection at the first place.

Also, crave and similar platforms outside of Canada can be easily unblocked from this. It is easy to use too.


  1. NordVPN: It boasts almost 6,000 servers in 60 countries and over 400 in Canada. It offers a high speed for HD live streaming and can easily unblock a wide range of geo-locked sites.

Also, it provides excellent security protection and encryption standards. It has a strict no-logging policy.

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  1. IPVanish: It has more than 30 Canadian servers and more than 1,2020servers in other countries. It is an excellent choice for streaming Crave.

It gives highly versatile service, and is perfect for streaming, torrenting, and general day-to-day usage as it offers strong security protection, very high speed, and no-logging policy.


  • Types of Subscription and Price

If you are worried about the cost of subscription, then relax it is cheaper than Netflix and many other top cable alternatives.


But, I must say that the payment options is quite intimidating. You will get two different options for signing up to the services, either you can add up the service with your TV provider or you can directly do it from CraveTV.


If you have decided to sign up CraveTV directly from Crave, let’s discuss about few options you can get.

  1. Crave: You’ll get an standard package for $9.99/month(Showtime, classic HBO, Crave Originals)
  2. HBO+ Movies: You can add an extra $9.99 for getting this subscription that includes YS-time HBO content, new Hollywood movies, family and Kids movies, six live channels
  3. STARZ: This is also an add-on subscription for $5.99/month were you will get STARZ Originals, many Hollywood movies, and two channels


For those people have a cable subscription or who want to access the service on TV cable, you must keep in mind that the price might be different as it will depend on your TV provider.


So, below mentioned is just an approximate price, if you’re a customer, I would suggest you not to stick to those prices.

  1. Crave: Get this with $10/month
  2. Series and Movies pack: You can get this pack with $20/month that includes Top films, HBO, Showtime, Hit TV series, STARZ, and Crave Original .
  3. Crave + Movies + HBO: This pack comes in $25/month that offers Biggest movies and series from HBO, Showtime, and Crave Original, and STARZ.
  4. Premium Movies and Series pack: Get the pack at $37/month that comes with Series to Top Hollywood movies from HBO, STARZ, Crave Original, and Showtime.
  5. Super Channel: At $15/month, you can get this channel that offers sports, esports, a decent selection of movies, and critically acclaimed series.
  6. Super Écran : You can watch over 170 films per month, several HBO series, and Crave Originals paying just $ 15/month.
  7. Hollywood Suite: Paying $6/month, watch the movies from the 70s till 2000s commercial free shows.
  8. Canal+ International: At $10/month, you can this that includes Well, the title speaks for itself.


  • Devices that are compatible with Crave TV

You can enjoy on your favourite shows streaming as CraveTV supports a vast array of devices.


  1. Samsung SmartTV and blu-ray players with Samsung Smart Hub
  2. Apple TV
  3. Xbox One
  4. Amazon FireTV stick of 2nd Gen and above
  5. iPhone, iPad, and iPod running with ios 9.0+ with Airplay
  6. Mac
  7. Windows desktop, tablets and smartphones version 8.1
  8. Android smartphones and tablets running with Android version 5.0+
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  • List of Channels on Crave TV

Here is a list of some rich content channels that fall under CraveTV umbrella offering various shows for everyone are:

  1. HBO Canada
  3. KIDS
  4. STARZ


  • List of best American shows to watch on CraveTV

There are several shows to watch on CraveTV, here’s few to mention:

  • Billions, that you can watch in Showtime
  • The Night of, in HBO
  • True Detective, in HBO
  • Barry, in HBO
  • Band of Brothers, in HBO
  • The Handmaid’s Tale, in HULU
  • Castle Rock, in HBO
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, in Space
  • Killing Eve, in BBC America
  • Succession, in HBO
  • Kidding, in Showtime


  • You can watch CraveTV in Roku Streaming Services

For expanding their services, CraveTV has been introduced to Roku Roku services too. You have to press the home button on your remote and then, by clicking the streaming channel options you will be taken to Roku Store.

Once you find the CraveTV, simply add the channel.


  • Watch CraveTV on Samsung SmartTV

You simply have to head on to the Samsung Smart Hub, if you want to Crave on Samsung SmartTV.

You have to search for the CraveTV app and download it then install. Later you’ll get a code that you have to use to enter on CraveTV official website and register your device.


  • Some more information regarding CraveTV

    • Just like Netflix, you’ll be able to share your CraveTV account with your family and friends, but only two people will be able to stream through each account simultaneously, and multiple profiles can be created like Netflix.
    • You will get a one-month free trial period offered by CraveTV, after that it will start charging you. To watch CraveTV for free, you can cancel the subscription just before the trial ends.
    • Some best shows you can watch on CraveTV are Vida, Killing eve, Vice, Shelter in Place, Bosch, Run, Cardinal, Run Fletcher, Homeland, and Insecure.
    • The service in CraveTV specifically targets television series. It carries around 10,000h of programming on-launch.

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  • Conclusion

If you are wondering about the worth, then CraveTV is a fantastic streaming service, and is worth every penny and effort. Also, with a well-developed and trustworthy VPN service, you can easily watch CraveTV in USA.


Moreover, we have informed you about the handful of VPNs that ate still capable of unblocking. You can choose accordingly with your requirement and budget.

Also, you must totally stay away from the free VPN services as you might face a lot of trouble, and most of them doesn’t provide proper security.


I hope you now know how to use a VPN and it’s a necessity. Enjoy your favourite shows on CraveTV, NOW!

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