How to watch Indian channels in the USA 2023 {Best VPN recommended}

How to watch Indian channels in the USA

Watching Indian channels in the USA is not that a hard task with the internet being available everywhere now. Many Indian people visit the USA and wish to take their favorite channels with them. But the cable provider at your home will not move with you to another country. And USA TV channel providers show American channels usually. But fret not because here we will be discussing how you can take your favorite TV shows to the USA with you.

Your favorite shows such as Big Boss is something that airs on star plus. But it can be difficult to get Star Plus or similar channels in the USA. It is indeed an unfortunate thing that you cannot watch Indian TV in the USA but the reasons as to why this happens is a bit more complicated. You might think that these channels should be aired in the USA as it is the powerhouse of the whole world. But since the demand for Indian TV shows is low in the USA, it is very unlikely that the cable operator will pay an extra price to buy Indian Television Channels for a single person.

So how do we watch Indian TV channels in the USA? There are simple solutions available for this situation. You can use numerous online applications or TV show websites to watch Indian channels with ease. Indian channels have decided to expand their reach by using numerous methods that help them make the best out of the internet without sacrificing too much money for their users.

Using A VPN  {Best VPN recommended}

Using a VPN is the easiest way of finding Indian Channels. Just in case if you do not know what a VPN is, we will discuss that now. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is a chain of networks that encrypts your browsing data while sending signals from a different IP address. The IP address can be of any country that you want it to be and you can access content that is blocked out of certain countries.

The Indian Channels are very easily accessible by using a VPN. The data sent with the help of a VPN is encrypted and the other benefit is that people cannot access your computer without your permission. This can protect your computer from annoying hackers who might steal your data and sell it to companies. VPN has many benefits and you can get one for yourself with just a simple Google search.

You can also use many Indian web apps to watch Indian TV shows this way. Web apps like Voot, Hotstar, and star plus work with VPN well and you can download them from Google Play Store after installing VPN. When you have a VPN on your phone, you will be able to change the location to anywhere in the world that you prefer. Colors are also a very popular Indian Television Channel that has its Web app.

USA channels that show Indian TV shows 

Many USA channels provide Indian TV shows as well. This is more of a long-term solution than a short one and you can take benefit of these channels. Here we will be discussing some USA channels that offer Indian content and you can subscribe to those channels by contacting your nearby service provider and asking them. The chances that they offer the required channels can dwindle with location but some channels are available all around the USA.

Sling.TV– This is the most popular and highly used service for Indian people living in the USA. The subscription for this channel ranges from 10 dollars to 45 dollars. That is relatively cheap considering the USA prices. The monthly intuitive subscription offers a very good deal for anyone who likes Indian channels and is craving a quality service that provides the same. The app allows you to pause the live Television feature where you can choose to not miss out on any scheduled shows that you want to watch.

YUPP.TV– this service is similar to but offer slightly a smaller number of channels to its users. The subscriptions range from 10 dollars to 25 dollars and Sony, star, and colors are not available with this service. The price reflects service and is good for you if you are low on money but still need entertainment. This service will not be heavy on your pocket while still providing you amazing content from India with ease. You can pause and play your shows whenever you want to catch up on your favorite episodes as many times as you need to.

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Jadoo.TV– this is a very cheap service with a one-time payment system for you. You will get a 30 second commercial every time you change the channel without the payment. But once you pay the required amount you will not see the ads anymore. It is the cheapest option you can avail of right now but the service is slowly disappearing after the arrival of better services. You can choose this service but we recommend you do some research before making the choice.


YouTube has always been a great place for content creators to upload daily content and make money. The content on YouTube itself is entertaining enough to get you through your whole life. But Television channels have also started making their way of broadcasting on YouTube. YouTube gives a platform to independent creators and popular channels alike. It is a great way of watching content on your mobile devices without caring about your location.

You have to search for the name of the channel you want to watch in the YouTube search bar. When you see the results, you can click on the episode or live television you want to watch and you will get it. Although many popular shows from Indian Television are not available on YouTube, you can watch news channels from India on YouTube as they always broadcast live.

Most Indian Serials are uploaded on YouTube with a delay of 1 or 2 days. It is a great place to catch up with all your serial needs with much ease. You can decide if the delay is worth the free watch on YouTube. You can also download episodes to re-watch when you are on your way and have no internet connection. YouTube is a revolutionary application and has changed how people perceive entertainment. You should not miss out on the opportunities and benefits this nifty app provides.

News Channels 

News channels are always live on television as there is a competition of who will address a situation first. Yes, at first it might seem difficult to catch up on news channels while being on the move. But you can get the best out of the news channels by visiting their website. Most news channels give content for free on their website that you can watch without subscriptions.

News channels also post regularly on YouTube the content they think deserves more reach. But several news channels also carry out live broadcasts at all times for people to watch. The live streams can help you catch up with the latest happenings in the world with ease without sacrificing quality. All the videos are filled in full-HD quality for immersive viewing on small and large screens alike.

Numerous Indian News channels Livestream on YouTube and their website at the same time as they broadcast to television. Almost everyone in the current day catches up on news with the help of their mobile device. Channels like NDTV, 24×7, CNN, IBN, and many more offer free live streams and also offer subscriptions to take benefit from live news services.


Sports are often streamed on channels regardless of countries playing against each other. You can watch any sport related to India by simply going to youtube and searching for the required match you want to watch. If someone is streaming the match you can easily watch it. Many sports channels from India also offer cricket and other sports live-streamed on their website for reaching people. You can go to the website of ESPN, Star Sports, and others to get the best of sports.

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All sports are categorized in these sports channels to make it easier for sports fans. You can choose the sport that you like watching and you have it on your screen live. Most international sports channels do air in the USA so you will not have issues watching sports online. The UI of the sports websites is equally intuitive as all the other websites out there. And you can use this UI to get the most out of your viewing experience by switching to full screen.

Sports channels generally do not advertise too much to avoid ruining the viewer experience. But there will be a few commercial breaks in between matches to thank sponsors. You can buy a sports subscription as well in the USA if you prefer an ad-free viewing experience. But aside from that, several sports websites allow free watching with minimal ads. You can find such websites with the help of google and going deep under the pages.

Netflix, Hulu, and other Paid subscriptions 

Netflix has started working with India to produce many different Indian TV shows. These TV shows are available all around the world for a stable viewing experience. The Netflix services can be brought for a month for about 20 dollars. A monthly subscription allows people to watch all the shows without sacrificing the viewing experience. The service has no free counterpart but the charge is worth it.

All Netflix shows are made with a lot of artistic precision and creativity. The shows themselves are very good with many of them even winning awards. Directors work hard for Netflix to release quality shows that are originals to the platform. You cannot watch Netflix shows everywhere without torrenting them. But Netflix allows you to temporarily download shows so that you can keep up with your favorite serials wherever you go.

Netflix also features a lot of TV shows and serials as well. Since the business has reached India now, Indian television serials have been added to the list. It does not matter if you are in the USA or India, you can take your shows wherever you want with just a subscription of twenty dollars a month. There are no additional charges after the subscription. You can choose how long you want to keep the subscription and cancel whenever you need to. Student plans are also available to help students who might not have the required money to buy a twenty-dollar subscription every month.

Hulu, HBO, Disney plus, etc. have all released their subscriptions making their original shows. It allows people to be in an ecosystem comprised of the shows that they enjoy watching but people are not limited to one subscription. You can get a subscription to as many services as you need.

Free websites 

Many free websites also allow people to watch Indian Television shows without interruptions. But a lot of these pages can be ridden with viruses and hackers sitting and waiting for an unprotected computer to join their network. You can prevent being hacked or infected by using a VPN service or an antivirus. But these things slow your network down as well.

It is recommended to visit these websites after you have a layer of protection on your computer. But these websites can be easily found using a simple google search. Websites such as YesMovies offer free movie watching but the advertisements can get a little annoying. There is a handy little tool named AdBlock Plus which is an extension for Chrome and Firefox. You can use that extension to block annoying advertisements while browsing these websites.

AdBlock is not something unknown by the owner of the websites as well. They know that people like avoiding ads but ads make them money. They block your access to the website if they find you using adblocking software on their website. You can still bypass annoying ads and blockage by using a VPN. If an AdBlock and VPN are used together, the website quality remains fast as blocked ads consume less bandwidth. The lesser the consumption of bandwidth, the smoother is the browsing experience.

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If you are careful while browsing the websites, you will have a great experience watching free television shows without sacrificing money or bandwidth. The websites do not have a subscription service as they want to make shows available for everyone. It is made by the people who could not afford subscriptions for television or cable services but still wanted to watch movies. It is also a very booming business with hundreds of advertisements ready to pop-up as soon as your episode ends.

Internet security 

Television is something that we have all been addicted to. The shows can get us involved and sometimes we even lose touch with our security. Browsing free websites for watching your favorite shows can throw you open in front of malicious programs and websites. Many applications in google play store steal your data and share it with other companies for money. Data such as your browsing information, phone number, and email can be used for targeted advertising.

Signing in to websites sometimes automatically subscribes you to their newsletter which they can use for targeted advertising. Spam can fill your mail up and clog important aspects of work and other things. Taking the risk of subscribing to a spam letter is not worth it. Chrome also has notification features available for such websites that show advertisement mails. Such notifications can ruin browsing or just the user experience of a computer.


Indian television shows are evolving as the culture is getting exposed to the whole world. Many Indian people who live in the USA watch Indian shows to get by their day. A little entertainment is something all of us deserve and we hope you find your favorite Indian series website in this article. Internet is big so you should know that this is not the end of the content from India.

Netflix and other show business websites also provide great original shows from India. Well-known directors are directing the shows and making them perfect for dedicated viewers. The subscriptions do not cost too much to buy in USA standards and you can get it as well for just ten to twenty dollars. With an ad-free viewing experience and download allowance, the subscriptions are worth the money being charged.

VPN also helps you watch your favorite shows without interruptions from numerous websites that are blocked in the USA. Hotstar and JioTv are a few services that are not available outside India but do work for a cheap subscription OF VPN compared to USA standards. It’s a great way for you to enjoy a few good shows without being barraged with advertisements. VPN also allows you to secure your IP address without losing bandwidth in premium subscriptions. A premium subscription for a VPN is very much cheaper than a subscription for Cable TV. The total subscription combination is going to cost you about 15 dollars for a full year.

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