How to watch sky sports in the USA 2021 ?{Best VPN recommended}

How to watch sky sports in the USA?

Born and raised in the USA, you were always in front of the TV to catch up with all the sports of the week your dad missed on Sunday. The sky was basically the channel of choice all day long. It’s an understatement to say that Sky Sports is a channel close to my heart.

So when you moved to the United States for work, you took as much home comfort as possible to minimize pain at home. So, on the first lazy Sunday ready in New York apartment, you went ahead, opened your laptop, logged in to your beloved Sky Sports account online, and caught up as usual.

However, this time, unlike before, when you’ve tried to access Sky Sports, you was immediately denied and was told that Sky Sports was not available at my location.

How to watch air sports in America

How to watch sky sports in the USA

Yes, even Sky Sports online streaming doesn’t allow many of their videos to be streamed in the United States.

So, to help anyone who wants to know how to watch Sky Sports unlimitedly in the United States?

Why is Sky Sports not available in the United States?

So the first thing you looked for in this issue was why Sky Sports was blocking the US access to certain content on the service. This is because you thought it would help me find the best solution.

It is found that the content lock was due to the license rights Sky Sports acquired for each sporting event that provided users with access to the service. As you can see, Sky Sports always needs to physically purchase a license to serve all the content.

These license fees are also purchased individually for each country. Therefore, if Sky Sports provides a stream to users accessing the service from multiple countries, this means that Sky Sports has purchased all license rights in those countries.

Therefore, if you try to unlock Sky Sports USA and access is not granted, this means that Sky Sports is not licensed to allow US users to watch that particular broadcast. This process of issuing licenses is for the same reason that many other online streaming services are restricted around the world.

How does Sky Sports block access in the United States?

It’s time to understand why it’s blocked, or 288 Sky Error is one thing, but technically, it’s time to understand how Sky Sports implements content blocks in its services.

After investigating with other streaming media providers how such services use blocks like Sky Sports.

This process works like a cat in Sky Sports Services. So, for example, if you are trying to access a video in Sky Sports and you are in the USA at that time, then the video is only licensed to serve USA users. You can access it immediately however if you are in the United States at the same time and are trying to access the same video stream. It will be rejected, and the text “Sorry” will be displayed in other words.

This geo-blocking process works by verifying the IP address the moment each user visits your website. Each user’s current IP address identifies the user’s physical location and is used to allow or prevent access to Sky Sports content in an appropriate manner.

By understanding how this works, we were able to determine the best solution that would work the safest and most effective. You will decide to investigate different ways to change the IP address and “display” where it needs to be “displayed” in order to access the blocked Sky Sports content.

After reviewing all options such as SmartDNS / Proxy, you will decide on the most informative and sophisticated approach to using a virtual private network (VPN).

Never get bored with the details of how a VPN works. The most important feature of VPN for this particular solution is that with this software, you can fully identify the IP address of the device.

This is a required feature. This is because if you change the device’s IP address to a UK location, it will be “visible” to Sky Sports in the UK the next time you access the service.

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With so many VPN providers, you will personally be considered the most reputable provider and decided on ExpressVPN for this solution. Therefore, refer to it as an example when performing the following setup steps.

How to watch SkySports USA using VPN

Step 1: Sign up for a VPN

Visit the ExpressVPN website and choose the plan that best suits your budget and needs. After doing this, you will email you the details of your new account.

The great thing about 99% of ExpressVPN and VPN providers is that when you first join, you basically get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the service.

Check ExpressVPN Discount deal of the day

They have a nice and simple website design that allows you to set up your account simply and quickly.

On the pricing plan page, you need to select a plan that suits your budget/commitment preferences and then verify your account.

Once you’ve verified your account details, you’ll see a link to the download area in the email. Clicking on it will automatically prompt you to download the VPN software.

Step 2: Download and install VPN

In the download, you’ll see that there is a separate download link specifically for the device that will use the VPN. So for me, I like watching Sky Sports on both MacBook’s and Android smartphones.

This meant that ExpressVPN would automatically download the highlighted OS X software. Next, you will access the Google Play store on my Android device, downloaded and installed the dedicated app.

Open the downloaded file and follow the displayed steps. The entire installation process literally takes a few seconds.

If you have the software installed on your device, you will be asked if you want to start the VPN immediately. When you do this, you are ready to move on to the next step in the process.

Step 3: Connect to a UK-based server with a VPN

Now comes the most significant step in this process of connecting server with a VPN . Once installed, you will be asked to open the VPN software and select a location to connect to the VPN.

Here you will select where to change the IP address, select the location of the server in the UK and click Connect.

See the screenshot below to see how simple and unspecific it is to use.

Simply select one of the many UK-based server locations listed and click Connect. After a while, it works fine on UK-based servers. Shows your current location in the UK using the device’s IP address. Unbelievable!

The great thing about using ExpressVPN for this is the amount of work you do to make the software easier to use, regardless of the device you use.

For example, you also wanted to unlock Sky Sports USA on your Android smartphone. All you need to do is to go to the Google Play Store and download and install the application from there, a simple and easy process.

This is what the connection process looks like on a real Android device.

Step 4: Set up a Sky Sports account

When you connect to the VPN with a UK-based server, the IP address changes successfully to reflect this.

Full access is available by visiting the Sky Sports website and choosing to watch a video that was completely blocked a few minutes ago because you are in the United States. No more heaven error 288!

Depending on the media you want to watch, you may need to create a Sky Sports account at this point to log in to the service. This is just for entering general information. It’s just a moment.

How to get Sky Sports

Skysports, which offers exclusive rights to sports such as English Premier League and Football League matches, Formula 1 races, and four major golf championships, is a must-have television show for sports enthusiasts. Here’s how to watch Sky Sports on your TV, no matter who your provider is.

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There are other dedicated sports channels, but Sky Sports is a reliable package for sports fans. Sky Sports hosts a variety of sports and events at home and abroad, offering unmatched programming options to even the most enthusiastic sports enthusiasts.

Fortunately, Sky makes it easy to subscribe to Sky Sports, no matter which TV provider you use.

How can you watch Sky Sports?

Regardless of who your TV provider is, you can watch Sky Sports on your TV, watch it online from the Sky website, or watch it from the Sky Sports app if you subscribe to the channel.

Watch sky sports in the sky.

It’s easy to add Sky Sports to your current Sky package for an additional monthly fee, regardless of which package you already have.

Fortunately, Sky offers options bundled with the Sky Cinema channel, so subscribing to Sky Sports is cheap for customers who also subscribe to Sky Cinema.

If you’re using Sky, you can also choose the Sky Sports channel you need to pay only for the sport you’re interested in.

Compare the best sky TV packages.

Watch Sky Sports on Virgin Media

Virgin Media has some great options for sports enthusiasts to access Sky Sports. Like other providers, you can add Sky Sports alone or combine it with Sky Cinema. Virgin Media also offers sports packages that combine Sky Sports and BT Sport.

Watch Sky Sports on BT

Access to both platforms was very difficult, as BT Sport is Sky’s biggest rival in the field of live sports. Recently, Sky and BT have formed a sort of truce, making it easier than ever for BT customers to access Sky Sports.

If you are using BT, you need a BT TV subscription. You can then add the Big Sports TV package to watch Sky Sports and BT Sport at any time.

Watch Sky Sports on NOW TV

You can also watch Sky Sports without a TV provider by signing up for NOW TV, Sky’s independent streaming service.

Sign up for Sky Sports to watch Sky Sports online, no matter what provider you use. The Sky Sports app is available on most smartphones and tablets.

Sky subscribers can watch Sky Sports from the Sky Go app. If you are subscribed to Sky Sports from NOW TV, you can also view the service using a web player or app.

Watch Sky Sports in HD

Sky Sports is available in HD and UHD / 4K, but may not be available.

Sky subscriber

Sky Sports is only available in HD if you have a Box Set Bundle Plan at an additional cost. You can watch Sky Sports in UHD / 4k format for free as long as you subscribe to Sky Sports, regardless of your subscription.

Virgin media subscriber

An easy way to watch Sky Sports in America

You are dealing with geographic restrictions, so you have to find a way to hide your geographic location.

Sounds difficult, but thankfully there is an easy solution that you can try.

  1. Use VPN

VPNs are usually the recommended option in these situations. This prevents websites from using it to find geographic locations.

You will also be provided with a new IP address when you connect to the VPN server. Therefore, you can simply use a UK VPN server to trick the Sky website into assuming that you are from that country.

You can use a different EUVPN server, but keep in mind that Sky imposes a 37-day limit in these areas. After 37 days, you need to view Sky content in the UK to reset them.

In addition, VPNs also encrypt traffic. In other words, it becomes unreadable and cannot be monitored by your ISP or network administrator.

  1. Use a proxy server

Like VPNs, proxy servers hide IP addresses so they can bypass geo-blocks. It also provides encryption, but it’s not as strong as a VPN does.

Another great thing that proxies do is store web pages in a local cache. If you request a saved Sky Sports web page, the proxy does not need to forward the request to the Sky website. Instead, it will automatically get the content you need. This is much faster.

  1. Use smart DNS

You can use smart DNS to avoid geographical restrictions by hiding your DNS addresses. Not only that, online services route traffic through various proxy servers around the world, further disguising their geographic location.

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Smart DNS also intercepts connection requests sent to Sky websites. Upon success, the geographic location data will be replaced with new information associated with the whitelisted geographic area (in this case, the USA).

What is the best service for watching Air Sports in the United States?

It’s hard to understand. They all have their plus points and weaknesses, and which one is best depends on which one you use most of time.

If you need useful information, make a quick comparison of the three services.

VPN-Helps you not only bypass geo-blocks but also bypass firewalls to unblock Sky Sports at school or at work. It also encrypts traffic, so that network administrators bypass firewalls to catch traffic. In addition, it prevents ISPs from limiting bandwidth. Unfortunately, depending on certain factors, a VPN can slow you down.

Proxy-Although it also helps bypass firewalls above geo-blocks, encryption is usually weaker than VPN. As a result, your privacy is reduced, and you are less likely to stop adjusting your bandwidth. Also, cached content that delivers faster is often out of date. Oh, and people tend to saturate proxy servers, resulting in slower speeds.

You cannot bypass the firewall because you do not hide the smart DNS-IP address. Also, because the smart DNS service does not use encryption, it is not secure and cannot stop bandwidth adjustments. On the bright side, the lack of encryption means that the ISP’s original speed does not slow down.


That concludes our super-quick step-by-step guide on how to watch Sky Sports in US locations in less than five minutes. If you go after all the instructions, you can benefit from fully unlocked and accessible Sky Sports from a comfortable location in the United States.

As mentioned earlier in this guide, you personally went through many VPN service providers before settling on Express VPN. Therefore, to offer more options, here are the top four VPN providers you have found to be perfect for watching Sky Sports in US locations.

Smart DNS gives you the option to access Sky Sports in the United States, but its success depends greatly on each Smart DNS service provider.

Also, the level of privacy protection you get on your device the moment you connect to a VPN is a big plus for protecting your data and online activity. Smart DNS does not provide encryption, so your online operation is not privacy protected.

If you have any questions, please write them to the concerned person. You will get support you as early as possible.


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