How to watch Vampire Academy in Canada and Australia?

How to watch Vampire Academy in Canada and Australia?

Are you looking ahead to watch Vampire Academy any time sooner and seems to be really excited about the new upcoming series. Well, then you are in luck and I am going to guide you with more details about it over here today. Peacock TV is creating a recently made show which is primarily based on the stories of the 2000s. No doubt, the plot and the background is knitted really well with some astounding hits that are revolving around the novels from Richelle Mead.

The upcoming TV series, the Vampire academy is now up and the second adaptation is expected to come with a better provision and would be much more successful than its former release. This is pretty much evident from the talent and the potentials that seem to surround the show this time! Now, when it comes to streaming the content, there is certainly some restriction to watch it if you are located outside the origin country. If you are a native of USA, and you want to watch the Vampire Academy, you will easily be able to reach out to it.

On the contrary, if you are a die hard fan but is situated somewhere outside the USA, it might be a bit difficult for you to have an access to the same. Watching the show in Canada and Australia is really tough but it is definitely not impossible. Provided that you are looking forward to watch the USA while being in Canada and Australia, you can still have an access to it but this time, it won’t be that easy! However, do not get disappointed as we are going to take you through some quick and simple steps through which you can do so without much hassle!

Official release date of Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy was released on September 15, 2023 and so far, it is doing really well across the OTT platform. If you are one of those people who have not watched the first adaptation of the series yet, then you must definitely go online and watch it at first before you start off with the second adaptation. This will give you a better clarity about the content of the show. Well, if you are curious to know about the release of the episodes of this show, then you must know that the first four episodes went up on the very date of 15th of September but the next 6 episodes are going to show up one after the other every Thursday. This is how the sequence of the episodes are going to come live on the Peacock app. Now, when it comes to watching the content, the US residents will not have to go through any trouble but in the other way round, the people outside the USA will have to take assistance from a high speed VPN service provider to watch the same!

Plot summary of the Vampire Academy

This young adult paranormal novel from Richell Mead is basically a story of pure friendship, love, death, sex and controversy. If you are looking for some cool and interesting plots that are tied neatly with one another, do not forget to watch the Vampire Academy. It also reveals the friendship of two young women who would overcome the sensational world of affluence as they would graduate from their schools and join the royal vampire society. The most stunning part of this novel is that it also talks about the aristocratic romance alongside the otherworldly thrills of the sub genre of vampire – that are all combined in the romantic drama series of this novel. All the plots are amazingly tied to each other in a way that you will love to go from one episode to the other with utter surprise and excitement. It is one of the most astounding part of the story with some super cool official cast, all of which are going to reveal their characters as the episodes go by!

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Official cast of the Vampire Academy

The official cast of the Vampire academy comprises of some super cool actors, and that is pretty much evident from the official trailer of Peacock released on YouTube. It comprises of Boone Platt in the character of Zabe, alongside Sisi Stringer in the name of Rose Hathaway, Daniela Nieves as Lissa Dragomir. Then, we have Kiere Moore in the name of Dimitri Belikov, and Andrè Dae Kim in the character of of Christian Ozera alongside Alex Hafner as James. Nikol Kollars is also there as Moira Ozera and then Lousia Cannolly-Burnham as Silver. All the actors have made it up in their own characters in the series.

How will you watch Vampire Academy on Peacock if you are in Canada and Australia?

If you are residing in the USA, things will be readily available to you and you won’t have to bother about streaming the contents at all. But, if you are living either in Canada or Australia, things will be a little difficult for you. This is because Peacock is going to work only in the USA, and thus, having a premium VPN to access this streaming service is the only way out! If you are new to doing this, please go through the steps that are mentioned below and you will be able to start watching the Vampire Academy from both Canada and Australia without any trouble at all. Here it goes:

  • At first, you will need to subscribe to a VPN service provider.
  • Now, you will have to download the Peacock app on your device.
  • Once the Peacock app is downloaded and installed in your device successfully, your next task will be to connect to a server in the USA.
  • Once you have done all the steps written above correctly and successfully, you will now need to go to Peacock and log into your account.
  • Lastly, if you have successfully done all of them, you will now be eligible to steam Vampire Academy and enjoy it!

How does a VPN service provide you the flexibility to stream Vampire Academy?

It is important to understand the fact that all the nations have their own sets of restrictions and obligations when it comes to dealing in the media industry. Now, in the very similar way, when you are using the Peacock app, there are certain licensing agreements that it has to abide by! This gets counted for the residents of the USA, but if you are a person who is a non-USA user, then you will have to handle the restriction of its contents, for sure! The app will stop the non-USA users to stream its content library. Thus, you will have to witness an error message when you are trying to open the Peacock app from any other country outside the USA. Having said so, it means that the USA is not permitting the residents of the other nations to access the creations. This will further restrict you to access the new releases of any particular country.

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Therefore, the easiest way through which you can watch the Vampire Academy if you are outside the USA is by using a VPN service. Yes, you heard that right! You can even use the Peacock app by living outside the country by using an American IP address on your device. So, how will you do it? It is simple! You can easily use a VPN service to get through all the regional obligations and start watching the TV shows, movies and other contents on Peacock. It is only when you do not have an access to the streaming channels or any content of a particular nation that you can easily use a VPN service to connect to its server and start accessing the contents with zero trouble. Know that doing so, does not compel you to break through the licensing agreements or restrictions, but it is that you are using the advances of technology to enjoy the contents without any stress.

Which VPN service should you opt for watching the Vampire Academy?

When it comes to choosing a VPN service provider, it might become really difficult for you to choose one among the many options that are available to you. Watching the Vampire Academy is really going to be easy and smooth for you only when you are using a reliable VPN service provider to stream your contents. A lot of times, we see interruption because of the network troubles that a VPN service provider goes through while streaming the contents and thus, if you want to avoid it, the only way out for you is to use either the PureVPN or ExpressVPN. Both of them are really amazing in terms of service and will allow you to keep watching the contents without any issue for long hours thereby ensuring that you will not have to face any sort of roadblock while watching the Vampire Academy.

Frequently asked questions about Vampire Academy (FAQs)

Where to watch the Vampire Academy if you are in Canada and Australia?

If you are somewhere in Canada and Australia, and you want to watch Vampire Academy, then you will have to connect to the exclusive content that is available on Peacock right from there. Since you are situated outside the USA, you might not have an access to it and then, you will have to connect to the PureVPN service provider in order to keep watching the Vampire Academy from there without any complexities.

Can you watch Vampire Academy on Netflix?

To be honest, you won’t be able to watch Vampire Academy on Netflix as it is available only on Peacock and you shall be having an access to it only from that streaming service.

Is Peacock safe and legitimate to use?

Yes, just like any other OTT platform that offers streaming services, Peacock is one such among them. Ever since the advances in the genre of technology, the race of going to the theatres have reduced significantly. The provision of having the access to different contents available worldwide has increased so much that people can now watch their favorite contents in their genres from anywhere and everywhere. The best part of this story is with Peacock, you will have an access to the contents featured on it in the USA, but with audiences from other parts of the globe, it becomes a bit tedious as they have no other option to connect to the VPN. However, if you are bothered regarding the safety and legal aspects of this platform, let me tell you that it is absolutely safe and there’s no way that you can be prey to any sort of suspected issues while enjoying the streaming contents on this platform.

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Name some of the other contents that are worth watching on Peacock.

The Peacock TV in USA gives you the access to watch a plethora of contents that you can keep enjoying one after the other in your leisure hours. If you are one of those who love watching the Peacock TV even if you are located outside the USA and is connected to the platform via some VPN service provider, then you may continue watching some of the most popular contents available therein! They include Cheers, Columbo, 30 Rock, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Battlestar Galactica, Everybody Hates Chris, Friday Night Lights, Hell’s Kitchen and the Greatest American Hero among many others!

Bottom line:

Watching exclusive contents is always fun and exciting! However, if you want to have a watch of the episodes of Vampire Academy, you should definitely not delay and just have a time dedicated separately on the second adaptation of the Vampire Academy. It is super cool as a series, and you would surely love watching it! The first season has grabbed a lot of attention and popularity from the audiences, and the second season is also gathering the love of the people successfully ever since its release on 15th of September 2023. If you are still wondering about it, I will rather ask you to give it a try without any further thought!

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