How to watch zee 5 outside India in the USA or Anywhere in World

How to watch zee 5 outside India (Best VPN Recommended)

Zee5 is one of the most popular and largest online streaming platforms in India. Zee5 streaming online shows in English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

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Zee5 is available in 190 countries. If you are outside of this country, you will be blocked from viewing through this website. You will see this error message.

However, you can watch zee5 in other countries through a VPN.

So, let’s see how to watch the zee5 from anywhere!

How to watch zee5 outside and elsewhere

How to watch zee 5 outside India

The tools you will need 

Zee5 stream their services more than 190 countries if you are not in these countries and still want to watch zee5 for that you need to install the VPN software on your device. Choose a server in these countries and connect.

Now, you can access content from all around the world.

Where to get a Virtual Private Network (VPN for ZEE5)

There is a few VPN that you should consider when you want to access zee5 from anywhere around the world.


  1. Try Express VPN 

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There are thousands of VPN and finding the best VPN to keep you safe is quite difficult.

Express VPN encrypt your network data so no one can see what are you doing it makes you invisible. It has split tunneling feature allows you to select application and services which are encrypted. Express VPN uses industry-standard 256 –AES encryption and a 4096-bit RSA certified. It allows you to watch your favorite content in 4k quality.

Work on Windows, Mac, iOS, Chromebook, kindle fire with 30mdays money-back guarantee.

Express VPN has a P2P connection on all servers so you don’t need an individual torrenting profile.

It’s great for unblocking and available on a wide range of devices not only typically desktop as well as a mobile system.


  • Great streaming in HD quality

  • Most reliable and provide security and privacy features.

  • Work in all highly censored countries

  • Easily unblock streaming sites.


  • Slightly expensive


  1. Try Nord VPN 

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One of the most highly recommended and secure VPN is Nord VPN. It protects your internet connection and privacy. While using public WIFI, hackers have many methods to steal your data on a public hotspot but here VPN works as your best friend and encrypts tunnel for your data and you can use public WIFI without worrying.

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Nord VPN has wire guard based NordLynx support for encryption, P2P support adds great value and a clear no-logging policy.

Work on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, browser extension, or multiple devices with 30 days money-back guarantee. Nord VPN connects up to six devices.

Nord VPN unblocks several websites and content sites so you can watch favorite content without any interruption.

That’s an impressive feature of Nord VPN.


  • Unblock most popular streaming sites.

  • The fastest VPN

  • Most secure and offer privacy

  • Connect up to six devices at the same time



  • Take a slightly longer time to connect to the desktop.


  1. Try Surfshark 

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Surfshark has great features and performance. It keeps your traffic secure and hidden. Surfshark allows you to access all parts of the internet, even in heavily censored countries.

Work on Windows, Mac, iOS, Chromebook, with 30 days return policy.

Surfshark has 256-bit encryption and its strict no-logs policy. It allows you to use an unlimited device on one account. It allows P2P connection and BitTorrent via VPN on several servers.


  • Unblock all popular streaming sites

  • At the same time connect an unlimited device

  • Superfast speed

  • No log policy



  • Occasionally slow connection

  1. Try CyberGhost 

Cyberghost has an excellent track record of security and privacy one of the best VPN providers for streaming online video content. Cyberghost replaces your IP address and provides a new IP address that cannot be tracked.


This VPN server allows you to watch video content in high definition.

Works on Mac, Android, ios, Linux with 3 extra months for free and 45 days money-back guarantee powered by 15 years of expertise. It connects up to seven devices simultaneously. You can access anything and anywhere for streaming and torrenting.


Cyberghost is based upon a strict no-logs policy. Cyberghost deliver solid speed 160-180 Mbps that’s commendable.

This VPN has an intuitive tool that makes it easy to use this service. With really fast and fantastic connection speed. You can customize your browsing and activities without the fear of losing your privacy. You can trust CyberGhost and enjoy your favorite shows and stream it.



  • High quality streaming sites

  • Unblock Thai TV from abroad

  • Excellent VPN connectivity on android

  • Superfast speed never lets you down.



  • A certain server is slow and affects your connection


Can I watch the zee5 in free VPN?

Unfortunately, if you are not in those countries where zee5 stream. It might be challenging for you to stream zee5 but with a good VPN, You can unblock the geo-blocks and watch your content.

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VPN can be paid or maybe you can use free VPN also. Free VPN can be occasionally because the speed limit could ruin your streaming.

Here are some free VPN that will provide you privacy and security.


Best free VPN for streaming Thai TV

  • Tunnel bear VPN 

Tunnel bear VPN provides a free version to connect to any server.

However, the free version comes with a little restriction you can only use a monthly data cap of 500MB.

One of the best things about this VPN is that it doesn’t display any ads.


  • Windscribe VPN

One of the best free VPN for accessing geo-blocked content and providing a stable and fast VPN connection.

This VPN server includes several locations. You can use 10 GB of Data per month comes with the free plan. Easy to use.


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How to stream zee5 abroad

 Unfortunately, if you are in these countries where you can’t stream zee5 to watch your favorite content and you want to watch. You can watch zee5 with a virtual private network. VPN encrypt your IP address and provide a new IP address that cannot be tracked. Choose a connection in these countries and you will assign a new IP address. Now you can watch zee5. Watch your favorite show.


Here’s how to watch zee5 from abroad

  1. Signup for one of the VPN recommended above.

  2. Download and install the VPN software on your device and configure your router to use the VPN.

  3. Choose a server in those countries where you can access Sony liv and connect.

  4. Refresh the page with the video you want to watch.

  5. Watch your favorite show.


How does VPN unblock zee5?

A virtual private network is the easiest and most reliable way to get content and unlock the URI want. VPN routes your internet traffic through a remote server, allowing you to choose your location. Your access to a new IP address then you can connect to any website, the website thinks that the location provided by your Virtual private network is your actual location.


A VPN can also encrypt your connection and make you invisible.


What you can watch on zee5

 Zee5 includes 90 plus TV channels with live streaming shows. Here is some of the best content you can watch. KundaliBhagya, BhabijiGhar Par Hain, LagiraZhalaJee, IshqSubhan Allah, Kaafir, The Final Call, Rangbaaz.

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You can watch the most popular movies on zee5 NaamShabana, Kedarnath, battigul meter chalu, dhadak, parmanu.


ZEE5 App compatibility

Zee5 application work on mac, windows, android phones, ios, laptop, smart Tv,  AndroidTv.

Does zee5 work on amazon fire TV Stick?

Zee5 is available in Amazon fire stick.

However, if you are in those countries where amazon fire stick does not access but through VPN that will unblock your fire TV stick.


Is it illegal to access VPN?

Currently using VPN in many countries is legal.

However, if you use a VPN to commit an act that is illegal while using VPN. VPN users should aware of whether their use of a VPN is legal or illegal as per their country’s laws.


Can your device get a virus when using a VPN?

When you are using a reliable VPN service with some great encryption and a well-secured server, then no need to worry about that.

However, you are using a Free VPN or any kind of VPN which is not secure and reliable then try hacker will infect a VPN connection with malware and viruses.



The article provides you with all the best solutions to your problem regarding streaming Zee5. It provides an answer to many of your questions. Describing how to watch zee5 in outside of India or elsewhere, various virtual private networks. How you can select any VPN, its pros and cons, how VPN work.


However, you are anywhere in the world following this procedure can resolve your streaming sites problem.

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