Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix ? Fact & Reality of getting banned ?

The concept of VPN is quite a familiar one nowadays, so is the worldwide surge in online streaming, especially under the current global conditions. Netflix is one of the most famous and leading digital media platforms with its vast collection of shows, movies & much more. With the continuing inclination towards online streaming platforms like Netflix, a parallel increase in a VPN is also noticeable. By definition, a virtual private network or a VPN creates a restricted self-contained network for the user while accessing the internet.

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix?

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix

In more simplified words, a VPN permits the user to connect to another server. It hides the particular user’s IP address creating anonymity so that their online activity stays private. It creates an encrypted data tunnel efficiently between the local network of the user and the server of the VPN provider. Then all the internet browsing and related actions are relayed via this secure tunnel. Thus, the use of VPN might let the potential user bypass censorship, access blocked national or international content, or increase the user’s online privacy.

Now, there remains a lingering confusion in whether it is illegal to use a VPN or not? Using a VPN isn’t illegal except in few countries with complete or selective restrictions over VPN use like Iraq, North Korea, Oman, China, Russia, etc. But in most countries, even government organizations use VPN for an added layer of security to their activities. When it comes to VPN use while online streaming via Netflix, that area becomes a bit tricky. Netflix generally contains region-restricted or region-specific content. One can only watch if that person is in that particular country where the specific program is intended to be shown.

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Thus, here comes the effectiveness of using a VPN that allows the user from a different country than the intended one to change the server’s location so that the particular restricted content becomes visible. But this method of accessing Netflix via a VPN is against the company’s terms of use. But that doesn’t mean that using a VPN for Netflix is illegal; and instead, it means that Netflix reserves the right to end the subscription contract of the user if detected using a VPN. But till now, no such termination record is known, thus making it subtly clear that practically this famous company has shown very little interest in scrutinizing the use of VPN in their network access.

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