Nordlayer vs NordVPN full Comparison which is better in detail

Nordlayer vs NordVPN Detail Comparison

The ever-increasing prevalence of digital technology is a universal trend that permeates every aspect of contemporary life. But on the other hand, this also serves as an incentive for cybercriminals to pose a danger to organizations and people. Furthermore, it incentivizes them to seek weaknesses in your devices and networks, elevating the importance of cybersecurity to the forefront of company concerns.

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However, many instruments used for cybersecurity may also need help understanding. It is only sometimes evident what each product performs, particularly when a single business manufactures various cybersecurity goods. To use just one example, Nord Security oversees both NordLayer and NordVPN in its capacity as a parent firm. 

Nordlayer vs NordVPN

At first glance, they may seem similar to one another; nonetheless, they each provide a unique set of functions. The following outlines the similarities and differences between the two services.


What is NordLayer?

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A previous iteration of a spin-off of NordVPN known as NordVPN Teams existed before NordLayer. It was a commercial Virtual Private Network service; therefore, it catered to companies rather than people. The service was launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a dashboard for network managers, transferrable licenses, and centralized invoicing. 

This set the service apart from other consumer-based VPNs in a significant way.


Because the feature set of NordVPN has significantly increased over time, it is no longer accurate to refer to it merely as a business virtual private network (VPN). This prompted the need for rebranding to reflect changes in the purpose and vision of the company. As a result, by 2021, the NordVPN Teams brand will undergo a comprehensive transformation, including adopting a new moniker.


The primary emphasis moved in a very different direction as well. NordLayer adopted the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) paradigm, and the company strongly focused on Secure Service Edge (SSE) capabilities.


SSE incorporates various technologies to serve as a model for a cybersecurity suite with an eye toward the future. In addition, a unified, cloud-native service is provided by NordLayer, which incorporates many network security technologies such as FWaaS, SWG, and ZTNA. This endeavor aims to make highly developed cybersecurity available in a manner that is as user- and business-friendly as practically practicable.

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What is NordLayer used for?

Businesses interested in increasing their responsiveness and agility to a wide variety of cybersecurity threats are the most common users of NordLayer. As a result, its most common applications are as follows:


Enable protected access from a faraway location for hybrid work. After the pandemic, the demands of the employees evolved, prompting the network administrators to search for measures to assure safe access to the organization’s internal resources. 


NordLayer can act as a facilitator in constructing a secure tunnel into your firm’s data.


Access to the internet for employees is protected. When workers use business resources, they risk clicking on malicious links without realizing it. This puts the firm in jeopardy. Your dispersed workforces’ potential access to dangerous URLs is significantly reduced thanks to the many filters that NordLayer employs.


Enabling rules that allow users to bring their own devices. When a company allows customers to connect their own devices, it might not be easy to create a baseline that is simple to configure for the users of the company’s product. However, this may save network managers a lot of headaches since all that is required to use NordLayer is installing an app.

Contributes to the effort of achieving regulatory compliance. 


Certain sectors are subject to stringent regulations, particularly on handling private user information. You will be able to get regulatory compliance certification with the assistance of the many features that NordLayer offers to the table. These functionalities may contribute to the overall cybersecurity environment.


Increases in overall productivity Single billing, centralized policy enforcement, and user provisioning are ways NordLayer increases management efficiency.

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What is NordVPN?

In contrast, NordVPN is completely focused on the needs of individual consumers. The service maintains large-scale anonymity networks that are dispersed around the globe and are available for a price per subscription. The users are shown a map of different countries and servers when they successfully log in to the service. In addition, they can hop around the globe by changing their IP address and location with a button.

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Several people are interested in improving their level of online security by using an encrypted connection. While this is happening, some are using it to stream content or get around restrictions merely. It’s a straightforward, easy-to-use everyday cybersecurity enhancement that blends smoothly with your regular online activity.


What is NordVPN used for?

Most of NordVPN’s users are consumers, and they utilize it for various consumer-oriented use cases. However, the typical end user is someone who uses it in their own house. The following is a list of some of its primary usage cases:


Access to the internet that is secure. A virtual private network, or VPN, encrypts your connection, rendering it unintelligible to other parties such as your Internet Service Provider or cyber criminals. You also aren’t leaving any breadcrumbs behind that might help someone identify you if they found them.


Protection for public wifi networks. Connecting to a public wifi network is always a risky proposition. You can only be one hundred percent sure of things that are also on the network. Hackers will find this an ideal chance to eavesdrop on your connection and covertly grab your information. The encryption provided by the VPN connection helps to foil these kinds of 



Taking advantage of better prices. Some areas are fortunate to have regular opportunities for discounts and deals, while others are less fortunate. You may alter your location online with a virtual private network (VPN), allowing you to get better offers only available in certain regions.


Helps to ensure that you remain anonymous. That provider does not collect the user data that passes via a VPN provider’s servers. Because of this, it will be feasible for you to keep the details of your online actions secret.


Avoid being caught by the censors. A virtual private network (VPN) may help you get around restrictions placed on your ability to express yourself freely in your own country by the government. Because VPN communication is encrypted, it is far more difficult to regulate, which enables you to have unfettered access to the free press.

Is NordLayer equivalent to NordVPN in any way?

NordLayer and NordVPN are very distinct services, even though they have a lot of overlaps and similarities and were both built by the same parent company, NordSecurity.

The commercial solution known as NordLayer protects gaining access to networks. Your company’s network administrators are responsible for establishing safe remote access to work resources by using dedicated servers and IP allow listing.

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Known as a consumer VPN service provider, NordVPN enables customers to alter their physical location and Internet Protocol (IP) address by connecting to the company’s extensive network of servers. It is a tool for anonymity and cybersecurity that is designed for usage in the home.


Both services, as can be seen, deal with cybersecurity, but their respective approaches have distinct emphases. While NordVPN concentrates on improving the user experience and making the internet safer for its customers, NordLayer is primarily concerned with the security of enterprise networks. Their purposes are very distinct from one another.

Differences between NordLayer and NordVPN that are most important to note

Let’s look at each service’s characteristics to understand their differences better.


As there are numerous areas in which the services overlap, this should make it much easier for you to differentiate between them. NordLayer was once a spin-off of NordVPN may explain this phenomenon. However, some overlapping features, such as DNS filtering, and service providers, allow you to purchase dedicated servers. Nevertheless, in the case of NordVPN, there is no real room for customization.


About NordLayer:

NordLayer is an adaptive network access security solution developed by Nord Security, the most recognized cybersecurity brand in the world. It is geared toward contemporary enterprises.

Within the context of an ever-evolving SASE architecture, we assist businesses of all sizes in overcoming the issues of scalability and integration that they face while constructing a contemporary secure remote access solution.


NordLayer satisfies the variable growth speed and ad hoc cybersecurity needs of today’s dynamic enterprises and remote workforces by being quick and simple to connect with current infrastructure, hardware-free, and built with ease of scaling.


About NordVPN:

We assist businesses in maintaining the safety of their computer networks and Internet connections. Our VPN service provides additional security for the confidentiality of your online conversations. We achieve this goal by applying robust encryption to all incoming and outgoing communications, so preventing any unauthorized parties from gaining access to the private information you provide to us.

Your firm should take precautions to prevent security breaches.


Secure remote team access: Simplify the security of commercial networks.

You may access online information that is particular to your location from anywhere in the globe.


Features of NordLayer And NordVPN:

  • Network Access Control (IP Allowlisting) establishes access rights throughout the network.
  • Authentication based on biometric characteristics – an additional security measure
  • Create a virtual local area network (LAN) between the devices and servers used by your organization with Smart Access.
  • Choose your virtual location with dedicated servers and the ability to have a static IP address.
  • The development of individualized private gateways allowing for simple network segmentation
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, Okta, and G Suite indicates that no extra credentials are required.
  • Two-factor authentication, often known as 2FA, provides an extra layer of protection.
  • Next-generation tunneling from the site to the site provides safe access to internal corporate resources.
  • Detection of jailbroken and rooted devices, which notifies you of potentially susceptible devices on the network
  • Protecting against malware threats, including DNS filtering, and reducing the likelihood of being attacked by bad actors.
  • Share confidential information with your customers and coworkers without risking their security.
  • Ensure the safety of your money dealings while doing business online.
  • Never again need to be concerned about accessing Wi-Fi hotspots at airports.
  • Maintaining your privacy online is especially important in nations with extensive Internet monitoring.
  • Experience the Internet to the fullest extent possible, free from censorship and other limitations.
  • Run your product tests on a worldwide scale.
  • Market research was conducted in anonymity.
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Pros And Cons of NordVPN and NordLayer:

  • Audit of privacy claims about the absence of logging
  • Netflix, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus are all unblocked.
  • Switch of sufficient lethal force
  • Quick assistance through live chat.
  • Simple to operate
  • Two-factor authentication, biometrics, and single sign-on are among the authentication possibilities.
  • Private gateways with dedicated IPs may be deployed in a flash.
  • Switch of sufficient lethal force
  • Standard add-ons for web browsers
  • Some client UI problems
  • Prices for renewal that are above the norm
  • “Only” 33 nations are included in this list (consumer NordVPN has 60)
  • Settings for the app can only be managed centrally to a limited extent.
  • There is no surveillance of the activity of the users.


Pricing for NordLayer:


The price structure of NordLayer is simple and uncomplicated, providing a welcome change from the intricacies that are sometimes seen with other suppliers of network protection.

There are just two options to choose from.


  • NordLayer Basic


The NordLayer Basic package contains everything you need to get started, including a comprehensive VPN, live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a centralized dashboard and administration tools, SSO, and two-factor authentication. It costs $9 per user on a monthly billing cycle, but the price drops to $7 if you pay for the whole year at once. (Unlike some of our competitors, there is no need for a minimum number of users; you can get started with only one.)


  • NordLayer Advanced


You will get priority assistance and personalized account management with NordLayer Advanced. Support for biometrics adds a layer of access control, and acquiring dedicated servers (for $40 to $50 per month) enables dedicated IPs, IP allow-listing, site-to-site features, Smart Remote Access, and more functionality. It costs $11 per user on a monthly billing cycle or $9 per user on an annual billing cycle.


There are no unspoken regulations or additional fees that make life more difficult. There are no pricing levels that change if you have more than x users, and there are no long-term contracts that last more than a year. Begin with one user, add as many more users as you need, and the price that appears is the amount you will pay.


To put this into perspective, Perimeter 81 offers a greater number of features, but it comes at a somewhat higher cost (starting at $8 per user each month) and needs a minimum of five members.


Indeed, Windscribe’s ScribeForce is simply delivering a business-oriented front end to its normal service – centralized billing, team administration, and shared IPs – but it is very valuable all by itself and priced from as little as $3 per user.


NordLayer has an acceptable mid-range pricing, but it is still a good idea to check out the competition and choose a service that has the feature set that is most beneficial to you.


Pricing for NordVPN:


The Standard package from NordVPN is available in three different flavors. Accounts invoiced monthly cost $11.99, but purchasing an annual plan reduces that cost to $4.99 each month, bringing the total price down to $3.29.


The Plus plan of NordVPN includes Nord’s password manager and data breach scanner (which raises the alarm if your credentials are found on the dark web) for just a modestly higher price of $4.59 per month when purchased for two years.


The Complete plan of NordVPN comes with an additional 1 terabyte of encrypted cloud storage and costs $5.89 per month when purchased on a two-year plan.

However, make sure you read the fine print. Both the one-year and the two-year packages provide an initial discount; however, upon renewal, the plans convert to the normal yearly plan, which results in a significant increase in monthly cost to $8.29. On its website, NordVPN does not precisely make this explicit; nonetheless, the Pricing part of its website contains this information and all of the other renewal charges.


Can I get a decent deal with NordVPN?


On the surface, that would seem to be true, at least for the first term. However, it is a fact that deal seekers may discover better bargains elsewhere than those offered by NordVPN. For example, the monthly cost of the yearly plan offered by Private Internet Access is just $3.33, while the monthly cost of Ivacy’s five-year plan is a featherweight $1. (The price for one year of protection with NordVPN is $59.98, whereas, with Ivacy, it is $60 for all five years.)


Nevertheless, it is far from the most costly VPN available, and the price you receive with NordVPN is reasonable.


How many different payment options does NordVPN provide?


NordVPN makes available a wide variety of payment methods, including support for credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies (through CoinPayments), AmazonPay, Google Pay, and several other choices.


Is there a free trial available for NordVPN?


A long time ago, the corporation offered a free trial that included all of its services, but regrettably, this policy was discontinued owing to misuse.


However, free trial periods of seven days are provided to customers who are new to the program on Android or iOS. If you decide to sign up with NordVPN, you will have more than enough time to evaluate the quality of the service thanks to the company’s generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Performance testing

Performance of Nord VPN:


How quickly does NordVPN connect?


The performance of a virtual private network (VPN) is typically considered secondary importance to its privacy characteristics. We put every virtual private network (VPN) we evaluate through a battery of strenuous performance tests because we believe that even the most impregnable encryption is useless if it slows down your internet connection to a crawl.

Connecting to our nearest server from locations in the United Kingdom and the United States with 1Gbps connections is the first step in our process


After that, we ran repeated checks using various benchmarking websites and tools, such as SpeedTest’s website and command line app, Netflix’s performance test, nPerf, and, among others. After running the tests utilizing the best two protocols, whenever it is feasible to do so, we repeat the whole test run twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


We concur with NordVPN that its proprietary NordLynx protocol offers fast download and upload times. The speed range of 700-820Mbps achieved by NordVPN in our most recent testing places the provider in the sixth position out of 20 competitors. (At the very top of the rankings, Surfshark, TorGuard, and Norton all achieved speeds of 950Mbps or above.)


OpenVPN is a less efficient protocol, but it might be handy if you install NordVPN on a router or if NordLynx cannot establish a connection for whatever reason. After putting it through our testing battery, we discovered that NordVPN performed well in this regard, with OpenVPN connections reaching a top speed of 470Mbps. That is faster than the speeds offered by WireGuard and other less capable VPNs.

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Because only some have access to connections of 1Gbps as our test locations do, naturally, we also conducted testing from a second location in the United Kingdom using a 5G broadband router (with Three). When I turned NordVPN off, I got 260 Mbps, but when I turned it on, I only got 125 Mbps. Although this is somewhat slower than most service providers are capable of (about 200 Mbps), it is still an acceptable download speed for a mobile connection. It is more than enough for the majority of web-based activities.


Can you unblock Netflix and other streaming sites with NordVPN?


One of the primary benefits of virtual private network (VPN) services is the ability to bypass geographically restricted websites. Although NordVPN does not outright promise that it can unblock any specific website or service, the company makes remarks implying that its users may “forget about censorship” and “maintain access to their favorite websites and entertainment material.” These assertions are accurate.


We began by putting this theory to the test by attempting to watch material on Netflix that is only available in the United States from the United Kingdom. Thanks to its flawless operation, we could log in with all three of our test servers.


Are you curious about other libraries? We are also, and NordVPN has the same level of success as Netflix in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

In several of our past tests, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus presented problems, but this time was different. We were able to watch material that is exclusive to the United States from three different US servers.

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Our successful streak continued in Australia, where we could unblock 9Now and 10 play with NordVPN. Would our last round of testing in the UK change anything? It helped us get on BBC.


Performance of NordLayer:


How Quickly Does NordLayer Operate?


We evaluated NordLayer by conducting several performance tests from a data center in the United Kingdom using a variety of benchmarking applications and websites. These included SpeedTest, NPerf, Netflix, and others.

The results were acceptable at 200 to 300 Mbps, which is sufficient for most jobs. However, if you are interested in learning more, you should wait to give up on NordLayer. Our routine NordVPN testing indicated that the service achieved download rates of up to 880 Mbps. The company is now adding compatibility for its WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol.


Even though unblocking streaming services isn’t a top focus for NordLayer, we tried out their service and found that it functioned effectively. As is the case with most VPNs available today, Netflix coverage is spotty (it works in certain countries but not in others), but it was able to unblock everything else we tested and performed better than most of its rivals.


Because app security is so important, we put NordVPN’s Windows kill switch through its paces to break it. However, we are relieved to report that our attempts were unsuccessful. 


Because the application does not notify users whenever the connection fails or warn them that it is reconnecting, users may get confused. The only thing users are likely to notice is that they no longer have access to the internet. However, this had no effect on our privacy in the real world since the kill switch cut off our access to the internet anytime the VPN connection broke, ensuring that we were never exposed.


NordVPN apps:


After signing up for a virtual private network (VPN), you will almost certainly want to install a client and try it immediately. When you visit the NordVPN website, you must click on the VPN Apps link. The website will immediately provide you with the link to download the App compatible with the device you are using, as well as additional links for the website’s other supported platforms, which include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Android TV.


Installation is a breeze, and our program for Windows was operational in a matter of seconds once it was installed. After clicking the “Log In” button, a browser window prompted us to sign in to our Nord account by stating that we needed to do so. Dashlane, a password manager, was already installed on our computers, so we didn’t need to remember (or even know) our login information. Dashlane immediately filled them in, and we were returned to the App we had been in before with only a few clicks.


It’s possible that the applications for NordVPN won’t operate in all locations, but that’s acceptable. A vast collection of more than fifty tutorials describes how to set up the service manually. These lessons cover twenty more kinds of platforms and devices (including Chromebooks, Raspberry Pi, routers, NAS devices, and more).


There is much more information presented here than you may think at first. There are many tutorials available for Windows on the NordVPN website. These tutorials cover topics such as the installation of the normal client, OpenVPN, or manual setup advice for various protocol types for Windows 7, 8, and 10.


However, the site covers more than simply the fundamentals. There are guides available on configuring NordVPN to function as a SOCKS5 proxy for various BitTorrent clients, including Deluge, qBittorrent, and uTorrent.

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NordLayer Apps:


Despite sharing the same technology as NordVPN, NordLayer comes with its unique set of client applications. These are less complicated and more narrowly focused on the fundamentals, reducing the need for further training or assistance. Even though power users may miss NordVPN’s configurability, deleting high-end capabilities helps lessen the likelihood that a team member would damage the organization’s security (using Split Tunneling to route browser traffic outside of the VPN, for instance).


The Windows app, for example, consists of little more than a sidebar that displays a list of countries (or any custom gateways that you configure), along with buttons labeled Settings and Quit App. Utilizing it couldn’t get much simpler than it already is. Left-clicking a nation automatically connects you to that country’s network; clicking another country changes your location; clicking the same country twice disconnects you from that country’s network.


When sensible settings are used, the application will run automatically when Windows starts, and the kill switch will be enabled by default. You also can configure the program to automatically connect once it is launched if you reach a wifi network that is not trusted or whenever you access any other network you designate.

The only other low-level adjustment that can be made is selecting the VPN protocol, which may be either IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, or TCP. Even while the website indicates that support for Nord Security’s own WireGuard-based NordLynx will soon be added, users can expect slower speeds than those offered by NordVPN.


The functionality of a VPN might often differ from one platform to another, but not here. When we evaluated the applications for Mac, Android, and iOS, we discovered that simplicity was prioritised above all other considerations.


Support for Customers

NordVPN Support:


What kind of help can you anticipate from NordVPN’s customer service team?


The support website is the first point of contact for customers seeking assistance with NordVPN. Articles are organized into various categories, and a search box makes it possible to locate information based on a particular term.


The website could be more well-structured than we would want it to be. For example, if you go to the help page for ExpressVPN, you’ll see three options: ‘Get instructions,’ ‘Troubleshoot immediately,’ and ‘Contact support.’ These specific directional arrows will lead you to the next step in the process. You will discover the sections ‘FAQ,’ ‘General Info,’ ‘Billing,’ and ‘Connectivity’ when you visit the NordVPN website. It may need more effort to get the information you want in these parts.


However, if you access the tutorials and guidelines, there is much to enjoy about this product. There is a lot of extensive guidance, yet simple to follow, about the installation and troubleshooting of the product.


A good chatbot provides fast assistance that is unexpectedly knowledgeable in cases when the user is unable to find the required information. You may get individual OpenVPN configuration files from NordVPN’s website, but only part of the set. This is one example. We asked the chatbot, “where can I get all the ovpn files?” after which we clicked on a link that it recommended for “OpenVPN configuration files,” and the chatbot then provided us with a link to “all compressed OVPN configuration files.”………………. That’s exactly how assistance should work.


If the bot cannot assist you, NordVPN also provides round-the-clock live chat assistance with actual people, which works pretty well in our hands-on experience. Within a few minutes of posing a straightforward inquiry, a customer service representative greeted us with a smile and offered a kind initial answer.

Additionally, help through email is offered. The response time is a bit longer than other VPNs, taking hours rather than minutes in our experience. However, this wait time is equivalent to that of many other VPNs, and the answers provided by NordVPN were typically correct and thorough enough to address our issue.


Nordlayer Support:


If you have any issues with the provided service, the support team at NordLayer is available to assist you.


A web-based knowledge base is the first step in this process. It is surprisingly basic and is not even close to being a patch on NordVPN. However, it does cover the fundamentals of core setup and troubleshooting issues, including installation on various platforms, simple explanations of a handful of settings, and instructions on how to increase VPN speed, improve reliability, and address a handful of other common issues.


To our good fortune, the support crew for NordLayer is never too far away. A page that allows you to ask a question discuss a problem or generally explain your issue is accessible by tapping an icon labelled “Help” inside the software. You may also contact the website by email, and there is a live chat feature.


When we submitted a ticket, we received our first answer within 15 minutes, and subsequent responses were rapid. That is an excellent performance, and it is a hint that even if your workers encounter significant service difficulties, they will be able to seek support to remedy those issues quickly.

Final Verdict:

There has been an increase in reported data breaches, which has led to an increased interest in cybersecurity technologies for both enterprises and people. All of this could seem rather overwhelming to someone just starting. This is the situation with cybersecurity products like NordLayer aimed at enterprises instead of consumer tools like NordVPN.


NordVPN is more concerned with anonymity and internet freedom than its sister company, NordLayer, which strives to secure the workforce and business data of NordLayer’s customers. Virtual Shared Gateways are one of the NordVPN-like features included in NordLayer. These gateways operate in a manner that is analogous to that of the consumer product. This is not the primary emphasis of the service that is being provided. NordVPN offers many more capabilities specifically designed to circumvent censorship or secure your identity.


A comparison of NordLayer and NordVPN reveals that both services deliver various facets of cybersecurity tailored to different application scenarios. The software as a service (SaaS) provider NordLayer focuses on network access management and the security of many accounts, while the anonymity service NordVPN is designed for individual users.

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Because NordLayer is a straightforward service with uncomplicated yet high-quality applications, it simplifies securing employee access to your internal networks and the internet. However, it does not give the power, control, or monitoring capabilities the leading competitor offers; thus, the service should be thoroughly tested before it is installed.


On the other hand, NordVPN stands out as a compelling virtual private network (VPN) service thanks to its excellent performance, many capabilities, and comforting lack of activity logs. It is not the least expensive VPN available, and the app interfaces have a few minor flaws that we have found. However, the organisation has made several welcome enhancements lately, and all in all, the service has been polished to a high level of professionalism. It will offer satisfactory results for the majority of consumers.

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The following are some general responses to various queries you could have about NordVPN or virtual private networks.


  1. What is a virtual private network, and how does it function?

A Virtual Private Network, sometimes known simply as a VPN, provides users with an encrypted connection to the Internet. A virtual private network, or VPN, provides users with software that can be installed on their devices. This software creates a “tunnel” through which users’ data can be transmitted in an encrypted form. 

As a result, VPNs make data traffic more secure and provide users with higher online privacy. You can learn more about the virtual private network (VPN) operation by visiting this page. Keep in mind that a VPN offers more than just security and anonymity; it also provides the ability to access content that is blocked in your country by using servers located in other countries, as well as other benefits.


  1. How does NordVPN work?

The following are some examples of how NordLayer operates via a succession of security layers that, when deployed collectively, safeguard users and enable secure access throughout the whole of a corporate network:

“Access to the NordLayer program in a safe and secure environment”

After successfully using a secure login to access your device, you will need to utilise other secure logins to access the individual applications. When users access the service, the multi-factor authentication technologies offered by NordLayer, such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Single-Sign-On (SSO), provide the first layer of safe security for those users:


  • Enhance security. Having a second level of identification dramatically minimises the likelihood that hostile persons would be able to obtain access to your devices or critical information.
  • Ensure the safety of remote workers by using multi-factor authentication, which enables employees to access business resources from any device, regardless of their location, without compromising their privacy.
  • Reduce the amount of unneeded administration by allowing users to maintain their passwords and relieving IT administrators of this responsibility.


  1. How many different kinds of hardware may be connected to a single NordLayer account?

With a single NordLayer account, any member of an organisation may utilise up to six different devices simultaneously.

How can I determine which version of NordLayer I am using?

Follow these procedures to determine the version of the NordLayer program you are currently working with

  • Launch the NordVPN client program on your Windows device, and then choose Settings from the menu that appears. When a new window appears, scroll down until you see the information on the version of your application.
  • To access the About option on macOS, choose the NordLayer tab from the menu bar, then click on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen. The version of the program will be shown in a pop-up window that will appear.


  1. Can we test out NordVPN without spending any money?

Although there is not a free trial in the traditional sense, as we said in the review above, there is a money-back guarantee that does not have any additional requirements. If you purchase a subscription plan from NordVPN and find that you do not enjoy the service, you can cancel your membership at any time within the first 30 days and get a full refund.


  1. Is it possible to hack NordVPN?

Even security-focused internet services, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), are susceptible to hacking in theory (given enough persistence from the attacker, resources, and the fact that potential vulnerabilities can seemingly spring from nowhere).

NordVPN has indeed been hacked, as we reported in the review before this one; nevertheless, the VPN service has significantly strengthened its defences, as we also covered in this review.


  1. Will using NordVPN decrease the battery life of my laptop or phone?

Because NordVPN is a program executed by your hardware, it will, by definition, use certain system resources. In turn, the consumption of those system resources will affect the time a portable device’s battery will remain charged. Although there have been some anecdotal claims in the past regarding NordVPN being a bit of a battery drain, those allegations were from some time ago, and it should be no more taxing than any other VPN program on your device.


  1. What are the most common applications of the NordLayer service?

Securing remote workforces: For businesses all over the globe to be able to function efficiently and keep their workers safe, whether they work in the cloud or on-premises, they need secure remote access to the company’s resources.

Access to apps and resources across many clouds securely and reliably Modern businesses utilise many cloud applications, all of which need safe access across various devices, operating systems, and geographical locations.


Your data should be protected using network security solutions: Data breaches harm a company’s reputation and may negatively impact its bottom line. Businesses need robust network access encryption to guarantee the safety of their networks, cloud applications, and endpoint devices.


Controlling access to the network provides additional defence for businesses with geographically dispersed labour teams by allowing only authorised users to enter specified parts of the network. Because NordLayer enables administrators to build teams and organise user access rights depending on which resources are necessary for users to carry out their responsibilities, the network can maintain a higher level of safety.


  1. Does the NordLayer service have the ability to interface with other applications?

Google, Azure, G-Suite


  1. Who are the most common end-users of this NordLayer platform?

Businesses and commercial enterprises


  1. Does the NordLayer service come with user manuals, tutorials, and support for customers?

Yes, we provide round-the-clock assistance for our customers and a dedicated account manager.


  1. Does this instance of NordLayer provide access to an API?

Yes, if you’re talking about the “Enterprise” plan.


  1. Which NordLayer service supports operating systems?

Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows


  1. Does the NordLayer service support several users working together, such as in a team setting?


  1. Which operating systems are compatible with the NordVPN service?

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux are just some of the main operating systems supported by NordVPN.


  1. What are some of the most popular apps that go hand in hand with the NordVPN service?

Any application that sends or receives data over the Internet is compatible with NordVPN’s usage. This covers numerous chat or communication applications, browsers, P2P clients, and other software of a similar kind.


  1. Is there any other software with which the NordVPN service can interface?

This service can operate as a standalone application; however, other applications may be added to the kill-switch list to prevent them from interacting in an unsecured manner in the event of unexpected disconnection.


  1. Does this NordVPN service provide users with user instructions, tutorials, or customer help of any kind?

The business provides round-the-clock assistance to clients and comprehensive lessons for setting it up.


  1. What are the most common applications for the NordVPN service?

Your Internet traffic may be made more secure with the help of NordVPN, which encrypts it and reroutes it via an alternate channel.

The service’s key functions are protection against cybercriminals while utilising low-security networks such as a public WiFi hotspot; and data encryption. Bypassing the censorship on the Internet that the ISP or the government put up, Data transmission between the local user and the distant server is secure.


  1. Does the NordVPN service provide an API for its customers?

In rare instances, it does.


  1. Does the NordVPN service support, several users, simultaneously (for example, a team)?



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