ProtonVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 +Christmas Sale 51 % Discount

ProtonVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale + Christmas offer

In case you’re searching for the best VPN that spotlights on unshakable security however doesn’t make such a large number of penances as far as an everyday convenience, ProtonVPN might just tick all of the crates for you. With open-source applications, a severe zero-logging strategy, P2P support just as the best free VPN available, it’s an enticing recommendation

The VPN has become such an indispensable part of our digital life. But why? With the great increase in cyber crimes and cyber threats, it is especially dangerous to browse the internet without any security, unless you are okay with your online activities being monitored.

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Plus, countries have started putting geolocation restrictions on certain websites and services that prevents us from being able to access our favourite or desired online content. What’s more? There is the constant threat of hackers intercepting online transactions that we may make or cyber stalkers tracking our online traffic. In short, the internet is not as safe as it may seem and it keeps getting more and more dangerous.

ProtonVPN black friday

A VPN or Virtual Private Network helps users to access the internet in a safe and secured manner. It can secure risky internet connections and thus ward off hackers and cyber stalkers. It hides one’s online traffic by helping users connect to a server in a foreign location and thereby masking their IP address as well.


With a VPN, users can conduct online transactions without any fear and they can also browse the internet anonymously. What’s more? Users can now access their favourite content by bypassing geolocation restrictions.

But the question remains: which VPN service is the best and most reliable?

ProtonVPN  was established in 2017 and is worked by the organization that claims the trustworthy encoded email administration ProtonMail.

From the pictures of its underground Swiss server farms to its routinely refreshed straightforwardness report, ProtonVPN needs clients to have a sense of security utilizing its free item.

In any case, are ProtonVPN’s cases of “straightforwardness,” “genuineness,” and “security” valid? Do free clients get similar degree of online security and protection as their paid supporters?

We tried each part of this free VPN to make the most exhaustive ProtonVPN Free survey.

We found that ProtonVPN Free is the main safe free VPN with a limitless information recompense. You can leave it on all the time without agonizing over spending your transfer speed. This makes ProtonVPN one of the most mind-blowing free VPNs accessible

About ProtonVPN Black Friday + Christmas offer

ProtonVPN is developed by Proton Technologies AG. ProtonVPN has 785 servers in 50 different countries. ProtonVPN was developed by the same minds behind ProtonMail, an end-to-end encrypted mail service. With its headquarters based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN is protected by Swiss privacy laws.

getproton vpn

It is supported by FONGIT  , the FONGIT stands for the Fondation Genevoise pour l’Innovation Technologique. It is a non-profit foundation financed by the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation) and the European Commission. What’s more? Proton VPN utilizes the latest technological advancements, thus increasing its security services beyond other VPN services.

ProtonVPN is available for major operating systems and platforms. It has AES 256 bit military grade encryption, prevents DNS leaks, kill switch and IKEv2 protocol. In short, hackers can try all they want and fail in their attempts to hack your system. Below are 8 features of ProtonVPN, that makes it the best and most reliable VPN service:


  • No information logging: ProtonVPN has yearly straightforwardness reports to back up its no-logs strategy.
  • Deluges: The mix of limitless data transmission and extraordinary P2P servers makes ProtonVPN incredible for torrenting.
  • Watching Netflix: With speeds over 60 Mbps and no IP address boycotting, we had an incredible encounter on Netflix.



  • Client care: We wish ProtonVPN had a greater number of ways of reaching support than simply email support tickets.

Cost: If you’re searching for a spending plan VPN, ProtonVPN isn’t it. ProtonVPN’s estimating, which begins at $4 every month, is somewhat higher contrasted with the opposition

ProtonVPN is available for major operating systems and platforms. It has AES 256 bit military grade encryption, prevents DNS leaks, kill switch and IKEv2 protocol. In short, hackers can try all they want and fail in their attempts to hack your system. Below are 8 features of ProtonVPN, that makes it the best and most reliable VPN service:

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Check 8 Features of  ProtonVPN before you buy on Black Friday & Cyber Monday:


  1. World class security

ProtonVPN offers top class security to its users. Users no longer have to fear about their connections or online traffic being unsecured. Proton VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption that is military grade. This means that users do not have to worry about cyber stalkers tracking their online traffic. What’s more? This means that one’s IP address also remains protected. It also prevents DNS leaks.

On the whole, it secures their internet connection, thus allowing them to conduct online shopping or electronic transactions safely. ProtonVPN also helps secure public wifis, thereby allowing users to use public wifi without fear of any cyber attacks. It is one of the safest choice.

  • Zero Logging policy

The internet is filled with cyber criminals who will track our every online activity and place the risk of identity theft and leaking of personal information. Hence, we use the Virtual Private Network to ensure that our online activity is kept safe and private. But most VPN services sell the personal details and online activity logs of its users without the knowledge and permission of its users.

Hence, there arises the question of reliability. But ProtonVPN is not so. It protects and upholds the confidentiality of its users. It has a zero logging policy that ensures that our personal details do not reach the hands of a mysterious third person. Thus, ProtonVPN is one of the most reliable VPN services. Check the best VPN deals

  • Platforms that are compatible with ProtonVPN

An important reason why you should choose ProtonVPN over other VPN services is because ProtonVPN is available for a variety of operating systems and platforms. The list of operating systems and platforms that ProtonVPN is available for include: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and also for routers. Hence, this itself qualifies ProtonVPN as the go to VPN service!

  • Bypass geolocation restrictions with ProtonVPN

One of the biggest issues with the internet, apart from the fact that it is crawling with cyber criminals, is the fact that there are numerous geolocation restrictions. Users can face this issue with regard to streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or when they are travelling to another country. This prevents users from being able to access their favourite websites and online content.

With ProtonVPN, users can easily bypass geolocation restrictions and access their favourite websites and content with ease. Hence users can begin to use streaming services and access their favourite content even when they are travelling, irrespective of geolocation restrictions.

  • Easy to install and use

ProtonVPN is easy to install. After signing up for ProtonVPN, users can download the setup file after selecting their device’s operating system or platform. Then, the user just needs to click install and ProtonVPN will be fully installed within 2-3 minutes at most. After installation has completed users can begin to use ProtonVPN services.

After users turn on the application, they will be required to enter their username and password for the first time. After that, unlike other VPN services, ProtonVPN offers to take its users on a tour of all the major functions in the VPN and how the user can use them. Yes, the initial setup time is long, but it is definitely worth the effort.

  • Good customer support service

Another reason to buy ProtonVPN is because it offers one of the best customer service. When users are facing technical issues or have doubts that they need to get clarified, they can rely on the skilled and experienced ProtonVPN customer care service for help and support. The support team is always available to help users and will provide solutions as quickly as possible.

  • Browse the internet anonymously with ProtonVPN

With ProtonVPN, users can surf the internet anonymously and they will not have to worry about their online traffic being tracked. Why so? ProtonVPN has 785 servers in 50 different locations. Hence users can easily conceal their online activities by connecting to a foreign server or switching servers quickly.

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This is especially useful when one wants to make private transactions. With ProtonVPN, cyberstalkers and hackers have zero chances of tracing you. So you can enjoy online anonymity and privacy. An ideal choice for all type of users.

  • Pricing details

ProtonVPN offers free VPN services that allows users to access servers in 3 countries, connect to 1 device and zero data logging privileges. That is a great deal for a free VPN service. If users want to use upgraded services, they can subscribe to ProtonVPN Plus. ProtonVPN plus provides the following service that users cannot access with the free version: secure streaming, P2P support, secure core servers, connection upto 10 devices and super fast servers. The ProtonVPN Plus also comes at economic prices and a 30 day money back guarantee.

protonvpn Price

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ProtonVPN provides users with the following benefits:

  • Browse anonymously
  • Secure your internet connections
  • Protection against hackers and cyber stalkers
  • Protects user’s privacy
  • 785 servers in 50 different countries
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free version available
  • Economical subscriptions available for upgraded services
  • Bypass geolocation restrictions

How private and secure is ProtonVPN?

Directly out the door, ProtonVPN enjoys an upper hand over a significant part of the opposition, in that it’s situated in security-accommodating Switzerland. In contrast to a significant part of the remainder of Europe. Switzerland isn’t important for an insight-sharing coalition like the 5 or 14 Eyes, is outside the EU, and for the most part, ensures its information enviously.

ProtonVPN’s no-logging articulation is exhaustive, and that is reflected practically speaking – the main information put away in your absolute last timestamp, which is promptly overwritten the following time you interface.

On joining, you can likewise utilize the organization’s protected ProtonMail as your email, and keeping in mind that you can pay with PayPal and Visa (both took care of by an outsider and unknown to ProtonVPN itself), you can likewise utilize Bitcoin or even cruel money. Aside from Mullvad, ProtonVPN is the main VPN worth joining to that does this, so contrasted with rivals, it’s potentially the most unknown beginning to end.

Quite possibly the most astonishing and remarkable feature that ProtonVPN offers is the thing that it calls Secure Core. This implies that when you associate with a server utilizing ProtonVPN, your association is first directed through a few of ProtonVPN’s most ensured servers. Subsequently, regardless of whether you access a malware-contaminated site, your actual IP address and perusing history can never be spilled to arrange assailants.

ProtonVPN additionally offers an implicit off button to secure your IP on the off chance that your association drops. There’s no choice to have the VPN naturally turn on when you interface with a public Wi-Fi organization, yet you can set ProtonVPN to open an association consequently when you turn on your PC.


How great are ProtonVPN’s work area applications?

ProtonVPN offers work area applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs just as iOS and Android gadgets. The UI is spotless and present day, with a guide showing all the organization’s dynamic server areas. In case you’re not a devotee of the guide, however, you can conceal it and simply see the server list.

Associating required around seven seconds, which is a little slower than some other VPNs we’ve utilized, however not awful enough to influence convenience. We likewise liked that the rundown of accessible servers is shading coded to show their inertness and burden so you realize what’s in store before associating.

ProtonVPN’s ‘profiles’ highlights are a clever convenience stunt that permits you to save your regularly utilized settings. For instance, maybe there’s specific assistance you’ve seen functions admirably for getting to US Netflix or for P2P, yet you additionally consistently utilize a randomized Dutch association for everyday perusing. Save them both as profiles, and you’ll have the option to interface with either in a solitary snap.

Mobile applications

On Android, it’s somewhat similar to this feels familiar – it’s practically indistinguishable from the Windows construct. You’ll get a similar guide, Profiles framework, and nation list. you’ll likewise have the option to set up split burrowing, an off button, NetShield, and a pack more – the main missing element is setting custom DNS servers, yet on Android, you can get going with IKEv2 more effectively than on a work area.

The iOS offering has a somewhat unique tasteful, however, it’s still clearly similar programming. Because of the intrinsic constraints of iOS, however, it’s a slimmer form, for certain provisions like split burrowing inaccessible. However, it’s very far-reaching and does similarly to the Android and work area customers.

Not an aficionado of Proton’s applications? No concerns. You can download all of its OpenVPNconfig documents and use them in an application or gadget of your decision. That is incredible adaptability, and it’ll even permit you to download the parcel as a zip.



ProtonVPN’s help could be more hearty, and the organization just offers support using email. While there’s a web-based information base, it doesn’t cover an immense scope of subjects and the included aides are moderately short. All things considered, for normal inquiries regarding an arrangement or investigating an association, you’ll likely have the option to discover the appropriate responses you need.

We couldn’t imagine anything better than to see a type of live visit carried out, as most of the enormous players offer this and it’s more valuable than you might suspect. VPNs, all things considered, can endure issues with dodgy servers or incongruencies with different applications, and having the option to get an answer in minutes – or even regularly seconds – is much better than hanging tight for an email answer. Nonetheless, with all due respect, our test messages were replied to inside a day and gave careful valuable arrangements.


The competition

ProtonVPN’s paid arrangement is genuinely costly, and it’s not by any means the only VPN offering phenomenal security and protection close by streaming execution. Surfshark costs just $1.99 each month on the off chance that you pursue a two-year plan and has almost as severe a no-logging strategy.

In case you’re willing to pay somewhat more for the absolute best, a one-year plan with ExpressVPN can be purchased for $6.67/mo, offering incredible paces, astounding security, and class-driving live-talk support.

ProtonVPN is a reliable assistance

ProtonVPN is an extremely dependable and respectable VPN administration. The VPN is given by a similar group as the exceptionally regarded scrambled email administration, ProtonMail.

The organization is dynamic in the security local area, making gifts to ensure computerized opportunity in Hong Kong, and in any event, impacting Swiss observation law.


Dissimilar to many free VPNs, ProtonVPN Free doesn’t bring in cash by gathering and selling client information.

All things considered, the VPN produces income from its paid VPN, with these paying clients counterbalancing the expenses of running the free assistance. This plan of action is great for a free VPN since it doesn’t attack your security.

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Open Sourced


Before, ProtonVPN used to be a shut source supplier, in the same way as other VPN suppliers available. Quite recently, they did a total of 180 turns and went open-source with all of their applications. You can go to their GitHub and read through the entirety of their documentation yourself.


They likewise freely announced they would put resources into outsider security reviews. In this way, in addition to the fact that it was a shrewd PR move, yet it likewise makes extra consolation. There are no outcomes yet, however, we’ll keep you on the up and up when that changes.


Their customers as of late had an update that in the relatively recent past must be found in the beta variant – NetShield. Unfortunately, it’s simply accessible to Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, so no treats for Linux clients. Nonetheless, this might change in a brief time. It’s now in beta for Linux clients.


Once flipped on, Netshield impedes all boycotted areas of phishing and malware sites. Moreover, it additionally impedes trackers utilized by meddlesome tech organizations that are government operative on your developments across the web.


This is finished by utilizing more grounded checks in your area name framework (DNS) demands. In this way, rather than a DNS data set provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or Google, you’re utilizing a DNS resolver oversaw by ProtonVPN. In this way, while you’re utilizing a VPN, your web-based voyages will remain private.


No-logs strategy


In their security strategy, ProtonVPN claims that they are a no-logs administration. They vow not to log their clients’ traffic, oppress gadget types, or choke your association. In this way, what you’re doing is on you.


Having that said, there are a few exemptions for the standard. They do log timestamps of your association that get overwritten at every meeting. They guarantee this is to keep up with account security from animal power assaults.


While making a record, you need to affirm that you are human. Among the potential choices for affirmation are another email, SMS, or a little gift. That is an exceptionally odd confirmation strategy, and I’d prefer to perceive the number of gifts they will keep this button dynamic.


The main piece that merits analysis is their security strategy changes position. As indicated by their arrangement, if they at any point change it, “Proceeded with the utilization of the Service will be considered as acknowledgment of such changes”. If one day they chose to present information logging and offer your information to outsiders – that is your concern. It’s on the end client to intermittently survey the arrangement, which no sane person at any point does.

Having said all that, ProtonVPN is surely a security cordial VPN administration.


ProtonVPN highlights


Even though you could never figure that from the name, Securecenter servers steer clear of being further developed than the remainder of their armada. It’s a twofold VPN include that allows you to interface through 2 VPN servers. The association goes from your gadget to a VPN server. It then, at that point, associates with another VPN server lastly arrives at its objective.


Notwithstanding, what’s happening is that the principal VPN server in the chain is constantly situated in a security cordial area. Normally, the velocities will be extremely lethargic because you’re utilizing two VPNs. Also, it brings up the issue of whether you ought to try and mess with it in any case if every one of the servers is no-logs. In any case, extra security is gladly received.


ProtonVPN Free

ProtonVPN Freeform doesn’t have any information covers and is free for eternity. The drawback is that it limits you to 1 association with a similar record. This is effectively bypassable by utilizing a different record on every gadget, which you could likewise do.


You can look over servers in 3 nations, and your rates will be quite terrible. However, as free assistance, that is a significant strong bundle that will secure your protection. Certainly, if you will not have the option to unblock Netflix, client care specialists will not take care of you. In any case, we’ve figured out how to unblock it even on the free bundle.


ProtonVPN Basic

As the name infers, ProtonVPN Basic develops the Freeform. With it, you can bid farewell to the area cap, since you can pick between 54 nations. There are likewise rewards like two concurrent associations.

There’s no speed choking, which is significant because it adds P2P support. Assuming you need to download deluge documents using a scrambled association, this is the least expensive version you ought to consider.

This version costs $5 for a solitary month membership, $48 for a yearly membership, and $79 for a two-year plan. In case you’re on a tight spending plan, expect that you will be in a split second charged the entire sum.


ProtonVPN Plus

ProtonVPN Plus is by all accounts the one that they’re anticipating that most users should pick. You get five concurrent associations, which should deal with every one of your requirements.

As far as areas, they are equivalent to the Basic rendition – 54 nations. As a little something extra, ProtonVPN permits you to utilize the most elevated speed servers that can move information at 10Gbps speeds. Note that your speed will in any case be restricted by your web association.

The greatest selling points of the Plus rendition are Secure Core VPN and TOR over VPN highlights. The last join the Tor network into your VPN association. The previous is an altered twofold VPN include with an accentuation on protection amicable areas.

This choice is likewise on the pricier side. It costs $10 month to month, $96 yearly, and $159 for a half-yearly membership. Notwithstanding, similarly as with the wide range of various choices, you will be charged the full aggregate on buy.

Is the free form of ProtonVPN awesome?

Try not to get the possibility that you can track down a reliable VPN from pretty much any place. VPNs that offer a free form normally do it as an unconditional promise. The administrations that utilization the free-perpetually model is difficult to find.

In this sense, ProtonVPN is probably the most ideal choice you could get. Particularly when it’s liberated from such limitations as information covers, which most other freemium VPN administrations use to bring down the heap on their server foundation. This can be a helpful instrument for ensuring your security without spending a dime.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals

  1. Question: What is a VPN and how it works?

Answer: Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps and allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. Actually a VPN will secure your internet connection and also it helps you to shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on the public wifi and more. The Virtual Private Network works by routing the internet connection through the VPN’s private server rather than your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  1. Question: What is ProtonVPN?

Answer: ProtonVPN is an application that gives the best VPN services for you. Also, it enables you to connect to the internet securely through an encrypted tunnel. The main objective of the ProtoVPN is to provide a secure internet connection and safe browsing for the users.

  1. Question: Is ProtonVPN secure?

Answer:  The ProtonVPN uses the secure AES-256 encryption and a 4096-bit RSA key exchange to protect your data. If you do not know what it means, the ProtonVPN assured that it is a secure algorithm. So it means that your data from the previous connections will be completely safe.

  1. Question: Is ProtonVPN good?
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Answer: Obviously yes, the ProtonVPN is one of the best applications that provide the best services. The services provided by the ProtonVPN application will be best and it will satisfy you to the core.

  1. Question: Is ProtonVPN free?

Answer: Yes, the ProtonVPN offers free VPN service with a limited restriction. Although a lot of VPN applications offer free VPN services they will have a lot of restrictions like only three to five servers will be available but in the ProtonVPN there are not many restrictions for the users.

  1. Question: Does the ProtonVPN keeps logs of the user?

Answer: No, the ProtonVPN does not keep any logs of the user, as the ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based VPN, the Switzerland law does not allow to log the user’s activity So it is pretty safe and the ProtonVPN does not keep any logs of the users.

  1. Question: Does the ProtonVPN supports P2P connections?

Answer: Yes, the ProtonVPN supports P2P (Peer-to-Peer) connection.

  1. Question: What are the operating systems that are supported by the ProtonVPN?

Answer: The operating systems that supported by the ProtonVPN are Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and GNU or Linux,

  1. Question: How many devices can be connected to the ProtonVPN?

Answer: Simultaneously ten devices can be connected to the ProtonVPN, so it means that at a time you can connect up to ten devices, stay connected with the ProtonVPN on your mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.

  1. Question: Is it possible to choose my IP address on the ProtonVPN?
    Answer: No, choosing your IP address on the ProtonVPN is not possible because the ProtonVPN is configured to assign an automatic IP address.

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11. Question: Is ProtonVPN good on speed?

Answer: The ProtonVPN is considered as one of the best and fastest VPN, the optimal feature in the ProtonVPN automatically connects the user to the nearest server and gives the fastest service.

  1. Question: What is the highest speed on the ProtonVPN?

Answer: The average download speed on the ProtonVPN is 47.4 Mbps and the average upload speed on the 22 Mbps.

  1. Question: Is there any paid version of the ProtonVPN?

Answer: Yes, the ProtonVPN offers the premium account for the users to provide a great service to the users with a lot of facilities at an affordable price.

  1. Question: What are the plans available for the premium account at the ProtonVPN?

Answer: There are a variety of plans available at the ProtonVPN at an affordable price. The price for the premium account may vary from time to time, and all the plans are at a low price. To know more about the pricing of the ProtonVPN check the following link

  1. Question: Why can not I connect to the ProtonVPN?

Answer: For connecting to the ProtonVPN you need to have a strong internet connection so if you are not able to connect to the ProtonVPN, check your internet connection. Turn on airplane mode on your device and turn it off after a few seconds, then turn on the mobile data and try again.

  1. Question: Does the ProtonVPN sell any of the personal data?

Answer: No, the ProtonVPN does not sell any of your personal data, first of all, the ProtonVPN does not log any of your personal details so you can believe that your data will not b misuse by the ProtonVPN.

  1. Question: What are the browsers that I can use with the ProtonVPN?

Answer: The ProtonVPN supports most of the browser and the ProtonVPN uses the cutting-edge technology that will only support the latest version of the browsers. Here is the list of browsers that are supported by the ProtonVPN

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • iOS Safari
  • MIUI browser
  • Samsung browser
  1. Question: How to create the free VPN account on the ProtonVPN?

Answer: To create the free VPN account on the ProtonVPN follow the steps given below

  • Go to this link on your browser
  • Click on the signup on the homepage
  • The free plan will be automatically selected
  • Now enter your mail address for recovery and verification
  • Create your username and password then start enjoying the ProtonVPN
  1. Question: What can I do if I have forgotten my password on the ProtonVPN?

Answer: When you created an account it is advisable to write down or note down your password and keep it as a secured. But it is human nature to forget or lose password so in this case you can reset your password. 

  1. Question: How to reset the password on the ProtonVPN?

Answer: You can reset your ProtonVPN password by using your recovery mail address. To reset the password on the ProtonVPN follow the given steps

  • Click on the reset password
  • Enter your username and the recovery mail address
  • Click on get a new password
  • A confirmation message will pop up, click confirm on that
  • A new window with the reset code will appear
  • Enter the reset code that you received on your recovery mail address
  • Click on the reset password
  • To proceed with the reset password type DANGER into the highlighted field
  • Now you will be able to create a new password for your account
  • Enter the password that you want to use then click on the submit

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  1. Question: Can I browse all the contents on the internet by using ProtonVPN?

Answer: Yes, you can unblock all the blocked content on the internet by using ProtonVPN.

  1. Question: Is ProtonVPN an anti-virus?

Answer: No, the ProtonVPN is not an anti-virus but it helps you to have a secure internet connection.

  1. Question: Does the ProtonVPN offer a trial version?

Answer: Yes, the ProtonVPN offers a 7-day free trial that you can use before buying the premium account.

  1. Question: What about the refund policy on the ProtonVPN?

Answer: The ProtonVPN offers a 30 days refund policy and you will get the money that you paid, but you should not violate the terms and conditions of the ProtonVPN.

  1. Question: Why ProtonVPN?

Answer: The following features may be the answer to this question

  • Best on privacy features
  • No log keeping
  • User-friendly VPN application
  • Responsive and great support
  • Variety of payment options
  • Best refund policy
  • The fastest
  • Can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously

Hence justified! ProtonVPN is the best VPN service in the world.  It is the one-stop solution for all your internet needs.

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