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A VPN stands for a virtual private network that helps an individual to secure the network connection when using internet services. A VPN can also be used for accessing the content and websites which are region-restricted and also protect your network from being spied by any unauthorized party. In other words, a VPN connects your devices such as mobile phones, PC and tablets to another server so that you can browse the internet using that server. Moreover, it provides you with an IP address different from your original one so that no one could track the location from where you are browsing the internet services.

Purevpn 5 year deal Lifetime offer sale
Purevpn 5 year deal Lifetime offer sale


Your Exposed

  • User IP:

  • User City: Singapore

  • User Region: 01

  • User Country: Singapore

  • User Country Code: SG

  • Latitude: 1.28141

  • Longitude: 103.851

  • Timezone: Asia/Singapore

  • ISP: OVH Hosting

  • Flag:

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PureVPN is assistance that was established back in 2007 by Hong Kong-based GZ Systems Ltd., and it has continually attempted to battle its direction toward the huge canines in the VPN business. It does as such with a list of capabilities that is genuinely acceptable (however not a big deal) and an immensely further developed client experience from when we previously evaluated it — and all at reasonable costs.


That being said, PureVPN still can’t seem to appear on our best VPNs list, so we bring a profound plunge into the assistance’s exhibition, evaluating, highlight set, and in general ease of use to show you why. Spoiler: the VPN is acceptable generally, however, the paces are conflicting and its streaming execution is disillusioning.

Presently 10 years and a half years old, PureVPN has developed to have in excess of 6,500 servers in more than 140 nations all throughout the planet. This sort of overall presence is significant for VPNs on the grounds that the speed of your web relies somewhat upon your distance to the server. Having such countless servers all throughout the planet nearly ensures that PureVPN will have one near you. No issues up until now, yet we should discuss what sort of components PureVPN offers.

PureVPN is one such kind of VPN that is highly economical and has 2000+ servers completely suitable for streaming the content from torrent, Netflix, etc. and secure the connection flawlessly. Also, it supports all the popular and common platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux and so on. PureVPN incorporates various outstanding features which makes this VPN provider so likeable by the individuals. Some of the amazing features have been discussed below.

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Components in PureVPN

PureVPN works by making a virtual private organization (VPN) when you interface with the web by means of your home organization, cell information, or a public Wi-Fi area of interest. This makes a mediator between you and your web access supplier (ISP) with the goal that your ISP just sees you associating with the VPN servers.



  • AES-256 encryption

  • Can unblock streaming destinations including Netflix

  • Supports torrenting

  • No DNS spills

  • Viable with Android TV

  • Split-burrowing on Android

  • Supports port sending

  • 31-day unconditional promise

  • Huge choice of VPN conventions



  • Restricted Linux application

  • Doesn’t uphold WireGuard

  • Off button doesn’t generally work

  • Association issues

  • No free form

  • Parted with private client information in 2017

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PureVPN’s huge choice of conventions isn’t the main explanation it made our rundown of top picks. Here is a glance at the provisions that make PureVPN stick out.

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pureVPN Security

PureVPN is extremely secure to use and is considered to be one of the safest VPN all around the industry. The reason behind such a secure provider is its ground-breaking 256- piece encryption feature. In addition to that, it enhances conventions such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, and IKEv2. All these mentioned protocols are distinctive from one another and are ideal for gaming, streaming the videos and online browsing. It protects your internet connection from every type of online threat, malware, and hacking attack.

Though every VPN provides these traditional security features, PureVPN offers some additional and advanced security features which differentiate it from all other VPN providers. Some of them are:

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  • a) PureVPN Kill switch

The kill switch feature was initially criticized however; it is now fixed and works properly. Kill switch is a highlight which allows you to disconnect your device from the connection by clicking on the ‘disconnect’ button. By doing this, your connection will automatically get disconnected and you will make it work according to you.

  • b) PureVPN logging approach

PureVPN has a logging policy which includes that it never keeps logs of the user. With its refreshed policy it assures its user to neither store any association logs nor any usage logs. PureVPN does not keep any record of your activities related to your search, contact logs, VPN unique IP address, browsing history, your accessed data or content or DNS inquiries produced by you.

Additionally, pure VPN has performed an independent audit of its ‘no-logs’ policy lately that shows that it is a highly secured service provider.

  • c) Split tunneling feature

Pure VPN has an astounding feature named Split Tunneling. As its name suggests, it is a two-way tunnel feature: one for encrypted data and another for the unencrypted one. A user has the choice of segregating the data which he/she wants to encrypt and which to leave for the purpose. For instance, if somebody merely wants to encrypt the traffic of torrent by leaving all the ordinary browsing traffic unencrypted. However, there are certain quirky features of each protocol it follows. For instance, PPTP has a better speed by encrypting the data slowly. On the other hand, SSTP offers a high level of encryption but works slowly.

  • d) PureVPN dedicated IP address

Pure VPN offers its users a dedicated IP address that is ideal for the users who do not want to deal with the account suspensions and IP fluctuations. Though, it costs a bit additional over with the subscription plan, but worth it when it comes to security.

  • e) PureVPN port forwarding

Similar to the dedicated IP address feature, it incorporates an additional feature of port forwarding. It is a system innovation that permits the outside devices to get to process the administrations on private systems. It is particularly intended for secure gaming, streaming and getting to figuring assets like printers remotely.

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The amount Does PureVPN Cost this Black Friday?

PureVPN doesn’t offer a free form of its item. In case that is an issue for you, consider the various great free VPN administrations available. Editors’ Choice champ ProtonVPN offers the best free membership we’ve seen, without any restrictions set on information utilization.

PureVPN costs $10.95 each month, which is only a smidge over the $10.11 each month normal we’ve seen across the VPNs we’ve audited. That is more reasonable than Editors’ Choice champ Surfshark VPN, which costs $12.95 each month, yet numerous VPNs are less expensive. Editors’ Choice victor Mullvad VPN costs just €5 ($5.88 at the season of composing).


Like most VPNs, PureVPN offers long-haul memberships at a diminished rate. In any case, PureVPN goes awkward above and beyond by raising that limited rate on the main membership reestablishment. For instance, you can purchase a yearly membership for $44.88, yet it will reestablish a year after the fact for $69.96. It’s much more befuddling for PureVPN’s two-year membership, which costs $69.84 for a considerable length of time, and afterward $69.95 for consistently after that. This is completely illuminated little sort on PureVPN’s buy page, and it’s not by any means the only VPN we’ve seen that changes reestablishment rates, yet this is distressingly near a sleight of hand. Be cautious with regards to which plan you select at information exchange.


The normal yearly expense of a VPN we’ve seen is $70.96, which makes PureVPN a distinctly normal arrangement. We alert against beginning with a drawn-out arrangement regardless, notwithstanding. Purchase a short membership so you can evaluate the VPN in your home and with every one of the locales and administrations you use. Realizing that a VPN works for you before submitting will set aside you considerably more cash over the long haul.

PureVPN associated and showing association data

PureVPN acknowledges installments using a charge card, Bitcoin (and other digital forms of money), and PayPal. Editors’ Choice victors Mullvad VPN and IVPN offer unknown money installments made straightforwardly to their HQs.

What Add-Ons Does PureVPN Offer?

 In case you’re tingling to get more out of your PureVPN membership, the organization offers additional items for extra month-to-month expenses. It’s a powerful assortment of choices, nearly matching TorGuard VPN in its broadness. Surprisingly, PureVPN gives accommodating clarifications of every choice.

Committed IPs are interesting IP addresses alloted just to you that might be less inclined to be impeded than the IP addresses utilized by PureVPN’scenter help. PureVPN offers devoted IPs from Australia, Canada, Germany, Malta, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore for $2.99 each month. This is fundamentally more affordable than other VPNs, which normally charge around $5 each month for devoted IP addresses.

Port Forwarding is a once in a while seen and progressed highlight that allows you to course traffic to a particular organization port. PureVPN will empower port sending for 99 pennies each month. The organization likewise packages devoted IPs and port sending for $3.49 each month.

For $3.99 each month, PureVPN will empower DDoS assurance. This keeps assailants from flooding you with sham traffic. This might be valuable for cutthroat gamers whose adversaries might attempt to thump them disconnected with a DDoS assault.

Purevpn 5 year deal Lifetime offer

PureVPN Protocols

Web conventions decide how VPNs communicate information bundles across networks, which means, how VPNs get and forward demands from your gadgets and how they send traffic back to your gadgets. The level of safety a VPN has relies upon the convention it employs. Intermittently, you can browse a few conventions that your VPN upholds.

PureVPN upholds OpenVPN/IKEv2 on Windows, OpenVPN on macOS and Android, and IPSec/IKEv2 conventions on iOS. These conventions are secure. For the individuals who focus on speed over security, be that as it may, PureVPN additionally allows you to pick either the PPTP convention and “No-Encryption”. You can discover more data underneath these VPN conventions.


  • OpenVPN

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN convention that makes secure, encoded burrows for your web traffic. Many consider OpenVPN the highest quality level of VPN conventions as it offers a decent equilibrium between speed and security. It upholds up to 256-bit encryption utilizing the Open SSL library and numerous other security includes that you can design with conventions like PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2/IPSec, SSTP, and the sky is the limit from there.

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  • IKEv2/IPSec

Web Key Exchange variant 2 is a VPN convention that consequently restores your association with your VPN after you get separated from the web. This proves to be useful when you might want to switch between Wi-Fi and portable areas of interest, which happens constantly when you’re on a cell phone. That is the reason PureVPN utilizes IKEv2 on its iOS applications. IPSec, or Internet Protocol Security, is an assortment of web conventions that send information over a web association safely.


  • L2TP/IPSec

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) consolidates with IPSec to make an exceptionally safe VPN customer. L2TP creates the VPN burrow while IPSec handles encryption, channel security, and information trustworthiness checks. L2TP/IPSec is to some degree slower than IKEv2 and OpenVPN and now and again has issues moving beyond firewalls, however, it’s as yet an incredible alternative to have accessible.


  • PPTP

Highlight Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) has existed since the 1990s. It makes passages to exemplify information bundles and cooperates with auxiliary conventions like GRE or TCP for encryption. PPTP is an old innovation that offers almost no security nowadays. All things considered, it may be outdated, so while PPTP is exceptionally quick, we wouldn’t utilize it and we don’t suggest that you use it, by the same token.


  • Encryption

Practically all the burrowing conventions upheld by PureVPN offer AES-256 encryption aside from PPTP, which is an obsolete and uncertain convention.

AES-256 is the current business standard of encryption, trusted by the US government, military, and organizations that arrange with touchy information. The explanation is the code’s intricacy and the enormous number of 2256 potential key blends.

PureVPN additionally executes loads of various burrowing conventions. Every one of them varies in speed and security, and you are allowed to pick the one that suits your necessities from the alternatives screen.


  • Logging

I’ll be gruff with you here – if protection is your fundamental concern while utilizing a Virtual Private Network, PureVPN probably won’t be the right program for you.

Above all else, the organization behind it is situated in Hong Kong. Although this district has various laws from the remainder of China, the always-changing political circumstance doesn’t ensure this later on. Starting today, Hong Kong holds a great deal of independence and has security amicable laws, which makes it a reasonable spot for basing a VPN. In any case, there’s simply a lot of flimsiness for any drawn-out forecasts.

Furthermore, PureVPN has as of now demonstrated that it can release individual data to specialists. In 2017, the organization supported the capture of an asserted cyberstalker by giving his logs to the FBI. All the more exactly, they figured out how to follow two of the criminal’s email records to a similar IP address.

After this occurrence, PureVPN changed its protection strategy to recapture its clients’ trust. They guarantee that they don’t gather IP addresses, alloted VPN server IP addresses, VPN meeting timestamps, perusing exercises, and DNS demands. Also, their security strategy has been reviewed by Altius IT and KPMG evaluating firms.

In any case, PureVPN’s site expresses that they monitor your name, email address, and installment technique. Furthermore, as there’s no BTC alternative while paying for the help, you have no course for an unknown financial exchange. That being said – with autonomous reviews, PureVPN is presently in a similar ballpark as most other major VPN suppliers.


  • Always On Audit

As of late, PureVPN reported that they’re turning into the main VPN available with a consistently on review. Their concurrence with KPMG International Limited features that the evaluating organization can direct an intensive astonishment review without notice. The message is clear – reviews could occur whenever, so your protection is protected consistently.

Most other VPN administrations concede a specific date and time for being reviewed, yet not for this situation. This implies that there’s no chance for assistance to be tidied up before the review. It guarantees that the VPN you’re utilizing is protected and that their review results weren’t altered. It’s a critical stage to ensuring that the organization is straightforward with their dey-to day tasks.

In the relatively recent past, KPMG has as of now assessed the assistance and discovered no proof that the help doesn’t stick to their no-logs claims. Anticipate extra checks later on. KPMG will distribute these reports publically.


  • DNS Leak Test

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming show that changes over the area names from the text (URLs) to numbers (IP addresses). At the point when you visit a site, your PC associates with that DNS server and offers your IP address.

With some VPNs, your PC continues to utilize your ISP’s DNS addresses rather than the Vpn. This implies sites you visit could see your genuine IP address even though you’re utilizing a VPN. Fortunately for PureVPN, we performed DNS spill tests on Mac and Windows and can report that it breezed through the DNS spill assessments.


  • WebRTC Leak Test

Another way a VPN could release your security is through a WebRTC spill. WebRTC, also called Web Real-Time Communication, permits internet browsers to discuss straightforwardly with one another as opposed to going through a transitional server. Sites and applications use WebRTC because it gives quicker paces to video talk, live web-based, and document moves. All in all, does WebRTC have any drawbacks?

All things considered, any two gadgets conveying through WebRTC need to realize every others’ public IP addresses. This implies a site or outsider could utilize WebRTC to distinguish your genuine, public IP address, the IP address that others can use to find you on the web. By and by, WebRTC spills invalidate the purpose of all that military-grade encryption. Luckily, we tried PureVPN on Mac and Windows across a few programs and found that PureVPN hindered WebRTC spills.


As it is already mentioned above, PureVPN is completely compatible with almost all the popular and common networks across the globe. It has over 2000 servers in more than 180 areas. PureVPN offers a worldwide mix of server areas inclusive of areas like Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, and Myanmar. All the servers work impeccably in china and can deal with torrenting, streaming and even web-based gaming.

One can connect PureVPN with five devices simultaneously and works effortlessly. The devices that PureVPN is compatible with are:

Routers, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Microsoft Surface, Kodi, Roku, Boxee Box, Now TV box, Raspberry Pi, Chrome cast, Play Station, Xbox, and iOS App.

Flawless torrenting

PureVPN is an incredible service provider for P2P file-sharing and torrenting. It allows you to download the file with decent speed and without confronting any system hindrances. However, kindly note that PureVPN denies the torrenting in selective countries where torrenting is considered to be illicit according to law. Such countries include the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and more.

Does PureVPN work in china?

PureVPN has some commendable highlights that make it different from its rivals especially when we talk about beating bans. PureVPN has servers in various nations with good approaches that also include china. It has improved its internet security for the country of China. Inside china, they offer their arrangements in Beijing, Guangdong, and Shanghai. It has made it doable for the supporters so that they can access the content from outside the country.

Speedy connection

PureVPN offers exceptionally good downloading and transfer speed. In US Miami FL, the ping speed is up to 266 MS, download speed is 9.92 Mbps and uploading speed is 6.40 Mbps. Similarly, in UK London, India, Germany and France, this service provider offers speedy Netflix streaming, torrenting and browsing.

Netflix streaming

As it is mentioned earlier, it is extremely easy to stream on Netflix via PureVPN service provider. It has currently seven unblocked Netflix regions and now the content can be streamed conveniently from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and even Japan. Moreover, it offers excellent speed and works without any distortion or poor video quality. Apart from Netflix, it also works with other applications such as BBC iPlayer and Hulu and that too without any problems.

But in any case, if you stuck while using PureVPN for Netflix or it is not working properly, then firstly check your IP address. There is various IP address location that restricts streaming on Netflix. In that case, switch to your chrome extension or contact customer care support for the help.

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PureVPN for Firestick

The next question that arises regarding PureVPN is whether it is compatible with a firestick. The answer is a big yes. It is outstanding amongst other VPN for Fire TV. PureVPN is completely perfect with firestick and it offers an independent application to streamline on firestick and fire tv. The application can be effectively sideloaded.

We all are aware of the fact that today the online privacy is shrinking day by day and cybercrime is increasing rapidly in this tech-savvy world. Firestick is although a magnificent gadget that offers endless streaming abilities with a full security system. If you utilize a mix of PureVPN Firestick, you can keep your online exercises completely secure from being spied by any unauthorized individual. With PureVPN, you will get an option to unblock regional restricted administration by remaining secure simultaneously.

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PureVPN for IOS

A few months earlier, the IOS application of PureVPN got expelled from the app store as according to Apple Company, it didn’t fit in the parameters set by them. Therefore, PureVPN was not able to work with iOS devices. However, the application is back on the web and works perfectly with the most recent iOS variants. Moreover, it came up with an improvement in the user interface which is quite simple to use and works with no hiccups.

PureVPN for android

Similar to the PureVPN iOS application, the android application of the service provider likewise works with no issues and distortions. The application is impressively light-weighted and there are no jumbled options present there which makes the application works flawlessly.

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Steps to connect PureVPN with android and IOS devices

  • Firstly, take the respective subscription of PureVPN from their official website.
  • Then download the PureVPN app on your android device.
  • Secondly, launch the PureVPN app after downloading ends. Then, select > ‘stream mode’ from the mode selection menu.
  • The next step you need to follow is to tap on the channels and then tap on Netflix US.
  • Now you can launch the Netflix app on your android device and start streaming the content of your choice.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can conveniently work with PureVPN on the android app. However, in case your android app is not working properly, follow the following steps:

  • The first step is to Go to settings, and then visit apps.

  • There you will find an option of PureVPN that you need to tap.

  • Following that press clear data and try to log in to PureVPN again.

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PureVPN for Windows

The compatibility of PureVPN with windows is an exception to all its positive sides. Its windows application is genuinely dreadful as one can’t interface with any server in a single time. It takes a lot of time just to associate with a particular server. A blunder message always appears for the first time saying ‘PureVPN incapable to associate with remote server’. Also, the application is very drowsy to use. You cannot compose the server area as it slacks horribly and the application becomes unresponsive for no evident explanation.

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PureVPN windows work badly with server connection. It separates Wi-Fi multiple times even when it’s working fine. It takes too long to connect to a particular server.

PureVPN for Linux

Unlike PureVPN for windows, utilizing it on a Linux based machine is completely fine. Although there is no independent PureVPN application that bolsters Linux, nonetheless, with a touch of design, one can run PureVPN on Linux without any issue. However, if you want to set up non-GUI applications on Linux, you may find difficulties in doing that but a PureVPN has done a truly great job at streamlining the setup process. Check VPN deals here

PureVPN for Mac

Just like PureVPN android, the PureVPN Mac app is flawless to use. It works completely perfectly with the same intuitive mode selection option; everything is streamlined on it which makes it pretty easy to use. The interface is extremely smooth and looks very advanced and moderate.

The steps to launching the PureVPN on windows and mac are completely the same as those for Mac and iOS devices. You can refer to the above-mentioned steps for the same.

PureVPN slow customer support

There is another limitation of PureVPN that its customer support system is really slow and lagging. It takes too long to respond to the queries and questions of its customer which is not a trait of a good system.


Unlike most other VPN systems available in the market, PureVPN does not allow you to take a free preliminary of its item. However, it offers a 100 percent unconditional promise that in case you didn’t find the system provider acceptable, within 31 days, your money will be refunded to you. An ordinary month-to-month subscription of PureVPN will cost you about $10.95. If you take membership of a year, you will get it under $50. Furthermore, plans of two to five years will cost you lesser. You can also have access to its additional administrations for which you have to pay extra charges of around $2 to3. It includes a firewall, a committed IP address, and DDos assurance.

Though PureVPN works completely fine with all the devices, there are chances that it may create problems occasionally. In that case, you don’t need to worry about the issue as a customer support service provided a complete solution. There are some common issues with their solutions given below:

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Unable to connect with PureVPN

In case you are not able to connect your servers with PureVPN, there are various steps that you need to follow to fix the problem of disconnection.

1)    Switch server locations

There is a possibility that you don’t find your preferred server for any reason. In that case, it is suggested to you to try a different server available nearby. Continue to try various servers until you discover one which is working. PureVPN promises you that you will find few servers with no genuine trouble as it has an immense choice of accessible servers in more than 140 nations of the world.

2)    Check membership expiry

A reason for your PureVPN network not working can be the expiry of your subscription plan. Therefore, in case you find the server not associating, check for your membership plan if it is running out. In that case, you need to repurchase your plan that the supplier is presently advertising.

3)    Poor internet connection

Another reason for the trouble that PureVPN is creating can be your poor internet connection. Therefore, if you find server provider not working check if your web is working properly or not. For this, attempt to surf the web ordinarily by stopping PureVPN. If you cannot interface any site or web administration without PureVPN actuated, at the point using VPN doesn’t create a difference if the foundation of the issue if your internet connection.

4)    Changing protocols

PureVPN works with various protocols and by default it uses OpenVPN as it is the best combination of speed and security. Therefore, in any case, you find difficulty in server connection, try experimenting with different protocols.

5)    Security software conflicts

An additional possible reason for PureVPN not connecting with your device is a firewall, anti-virus and security programming meddling with PureVPN association. In that case, you need to disconnect your firewall or anti-malware and then interface the VPN.

If you want to keep your device away from this problem, you should include PureVPN as an exemption in your firewall so that you can securely work with no impedance.

6)    Update the PureVPN app

If you find any bugs and issues in connecting with PureVPN, the reason behind this might be the older version of the app that you are using. In that case, you need to update the app urgently for the proper functioning of the VPN. Also, with the updated version, you can take advantage of its new security improvements. Therefore, it is always recommended the users to use the updated version of the app for excellent performance and security.

7)    Too much simultaneous connection

PureVPN allows you to connect multiple devices at a single time however; the excessive connection may hamper the functioning of the server.  The limit that it can support is five simultaneous connections beyond which the server cannot work. Therefore, don’t share your connection with too many of your friends and relatives.

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From the above facts, it is clear that PureVPN is a very powerful VPN service that works properly with every device yet some issues might occur occasionally. However, the customer support system has given the solutions for the respective issues that you can follow.

Frequent-Asked Questions on PureVPN

  1. What is the process for canceling your PureVPN subscription?

PureVPN’s canceling procedure is straightforward. All you have to do is sign into your PureVPN account for the first time. Once you have successfully signed in, you can use the live chat feature to request a cancellation or refund of your PureVPN membership.


  1. Who is the owner of PureVPN?

Hong Kong-based GZ Systems Ltd owns PureVPN, which the company operates. The business was established in 2007 and has since grown to become one of the most well-known VPN companies in the market.


  1. How can you connect many devices to PureVPN at the same time?


PureVPN can power up to ten devices at the same time.


  1. What is the PureVPN login process?


Following one of the methods outlined below will allow you to get into your PureVPN account:

  1. Log in using your PureVPN credentials by selecting the ‘Login’ option from the drop-down menu.
  2. Log into your PureVPN account with your VPN username and password.


  1. How can I add the PureVPN Chrome addon to my browser?


The following are the steps to install the PureVPN extension on Google Chrome:


  1. PureVPN may be found by searching for it in the Chrome Web Store (see step one).
  2. When the search results are shown, click on the “Add to Chrome” icon to the right of the results.
  3. Once you have done the above-stated steps, you will have successfully installed the Chrome extension on Chrome for your device.


  1. What is the procedure for disconnecting the PureVPN connection?


To terminate your PureVPN connection, all you need to do is drag the cursor over the corresponding icon, which it will highlight in red, and click it. You may quickly and disconnect from PureVPN by clicking on this button.


  1. Can I put my trust in PureVPN?


Yes, PureVPN is a reliable service. You have nothing to be concerned about since it is one of the finest and safest VPN connections available on the market. PureVPN is an entirely dependable VPN service. It promises zero logs and has also been professionally inspected by Altius IT, a renowned independent security auditor in California, to ensure security.


  1. Is it possible to use PureVPN on the Amazon Fire Stick?


The following are the actions you must do to connect to and utilize PureVPN on your Amazon Fire Stick:

  1. To begin, go to the Main Menu and choose Categories from the drop-down menu.
  2. Once you are in the Categories section, choose the option for Utility and then select PureVPN from the drop-down menu.
  3. Once PureVPN is located in the Utility area, click on the Download icon to begin the download process.
  4. After the download procedure is complete, you will access and utilize the PureVPN service.


  1. What is the best way to use PureVPN on Android?


The procedure of installing PureVPN on your Android devices is very straightforward. All you have to do is follow the simple guidelines outlined below.

  1.  Launch the Google Play Store on your smartphone and search for PureVPN in the search bar to get started.
  2. Once you’ve located the PureVPN application, click on the ‘install’ button.
  3. Sit back and wait for the installation procedure to be finished. Upon completion of the installation procedure, you will have the PureVPN application on your smartphone.


The last step is to enter your personal information to create your PureVPN account. Once your PureVPN account has been established, you may use it to your heart’s delight.


  1. What is the best way to get PureVPN on iPhone?


The installation of PureVPN on your iPhone is as straightforward as the procedure for installing the service on your Android smartphone. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:


  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone and look for the PureVPN app. 2. Install the app.
  2. Click ‘Install’ after you have located the PureVPN application.
  3. Once the installation procedure is complete, open the PureVPN app and log into your account using the information you provided during the installation process.


PureVPN is available for usage immediately once you have established your PureVPN account.

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  1. How can I add the PureVPN Firefox plugin to my browser?


To install the PureVPN extension on Firefox, follow the instructions outlined below:


  1. Go to your device’s app store and download the PureVPN extension. 2. Install the extension on your smartphone.
  2. After the PureVPN extension has been successfully downloaded, click on the ‘ADD’ button.


And there you have it! The PureVPN extension has been successfully installed on your device, and you can now access and use it.


  1. How does PureVPN allow you to view Netflix?


If you want to utilize your PureVPN account to view Netflix, then follow these easy steps:


The first step is downloading and installing the PureVPN application or browser extension on your mobile device or computer. Once this is completed, you may create your PureVPN account by entering all of the necessary information.


Once your PureVPN account has been created, choose the Stream mode and select Netflix from the list of available choices.


  1. Is PureVPN a legitimate VPN service?


Yes, the usage of PureVPN is entirely legal. Just bear in mind that particular nations have prohibited the use of virtual private networks (VPNs). As a result, if you live in Russia, China, or any other place where VPNs are prohibited, you must be extremely cautious about when and where you use PureVPN.


  1. Is PureVPN a reliable service?

Because of its robust AES 256-bit encryption and high download speeds (90+ Mbps), PureVPN is an excellent choice for unblocking U.S. Netflix, downloading torrents, and being anonymous on the internet.


  1. Is PureVPN equipped with an ad-blocker?


PureVPN does not have an ad-blocking function, unfortunately. In the past, PureVPN included an ad-blocker. However, this is no longer the case.


  1. Do you know how PureVPN performs on the Leak Protection Test?


With the help of ipleak.net, I tested PureVPN’s leak protection and discovered no evidence of any leaking whatsoever.


IP Leakage Testing:


First, I ran an IP leak test using the program provided at ipleak.net. The results were positive. PureVPN passed the test with flying colors, as the program accurately recognized the French IP address I was connected to. As anticipated, the service performed admirably.


Leakage of DNS information:


Following that, I ran a DNS leak test to see if PureVPN was effectively concealing my DNS information. Because the program identified my phony French DNS server, which I had connected to via PureVPN, you can tell that PureVPN has successfully secured my DNS address, as seen in the picture below. PureVPN is undoubtedly one of the most okay VPNs for Tor use because of its excellent level of security.


  1. Is PureVPN a Good Torrenting Option?


Yes, PureVPN is an excellent choice for torrenting and peer-to-peer file-sharing applications.

When I tested PureVPN with my 25 Mbps connection, I was able to get download speeds of 2.0 Mb/s and upload speeds of 0.2 kB/s without experiencing any network disruptions.

However, you should be aware that PureVPN bans torrenting in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and, in particular, Japan, where you may face a two-year jail term if you are found downloading torrents. Don’t be concerned; there is a method to continue torrenting while being safe in Japan by using the finest VPN to use in Japan.


  1. Is PureVPN Compatible with China?


Yes. PureVPN works remarkably effectively in China, despite its reputation. It provides 12 specially disguised servers in the People’s Republic of China. PureVPN China servers are located in Shanghai and Beijing, and they are available to you. Because many VPNs are banned in China, you may not be able to access PureVPN’s website or download its app from the Google Play Store, despite these precautions.

If you live in China and want to access international material, you should use PureVPN’s offshore servers to get through the Great Firewall of China.


  1. What Does PureVPN Cost? 


PureVPN’s 1-year plan ($4.16) and 1-month plan ($10.95/mo), both of which are 88 percent off (5-year plan), start at $1.32/mo – an 88 percent discount — and you may select between a 1-year plan ($4.16) and a 1-month plan ($10.95/mo), depending on your budget.

PureVPN provides three different subscription options, all of which are exceptionally cheaply priced. The following are the most current price plans offered by PureVPN:


Discounted Pricing for Subscription Plans:

  • The two-year rate of $3.33/month is discounted by 70%.
  • $10.95/mo 1-month

There is no discount.

  • $5.82/month for a one-year subscription, a 47 percent savings


If you want additional features like port forwarding or dedicated IPs, PureVPN will charge you more. The following are the prices for both of these other services:


Port Forwarding is a service that allows you to forward traffic to another server.

  • One month — $0.99 per month
  • One year — $0.99 per month
  • Five years — $0.99 per month


The IP address that is dedicated:

  • One month — $2.99 per month
  • One year — $2.99 per month
  • Five years — $2.99 per month


It is essential not to be frightened by the cheap and inexpensive costs. Even though it is reasonably priced furthermore, you can check out other affordable VPNs; PureVPN makes sure that it provides you with all of the essential security and privacy features that you would expect from a top-tier expensive VPN service at a reasonable price. In this PureVPN vs. ExpressVPN comparison, you can see how PureVPN compares to one of the top VPN services in the market regarding security and privacy in every area of the process. As a result, it is one of the most appropriate VPNs for the United Kingdom.


  1. To buy PureVPN, what payment methods are accessible to you?


PureVPN may be purchased using a variety of different payment methods, including the following:


  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Alipay
  • Mint
  • Skrill


Pay for Premium Members: PureVPN Payment Options.

PureVPN also takes bitcoin payments as a form of payment. It is important to remember that bitcoin payments are non-returnable. If you are dissatisfied with their service, this is something to keep in mind in the future.


  1. Is there a free trial available for PureVPN?

Yes, PureVPN provides a free trial period. With a 7-day trial, PureVPN is a handy way to test out the service, and the 40 percent discount that comes with it makes it one of the most affordable VPNs available in the market. If you want to be secure and don’t want to commit to a long-term membership plan, you should undoubtedly take advantage of PureVPN’s 7-day free trial.


  1. What is the process for getting a refund from PureVPN?

Contacting PureVPN’s live chat support staff will make it simple to get a refund from the company.


You may get a refund on any plans that I listed before if you cancel within 31 days. You will thus be entitled to get a full refund if you decide to discontinue your PureVPN subscription. See our in-depth PureVPN cancellation guide to learn more about how the cancellation procedure is carried out.


  1. Compliance: Is PureVPN compatible with the device I’m using?


PureVPN is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. It even supports specific devices that are less prevalent. PureVPN, for example, can be installed on routers, Kodi, and other devices such as game consoles, and you can also use it with them.


Here is a comprehensive list of the devices that PureVPN is compatible with:


  • Devices
  • Routers
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • PlayStation
  • Amazon Firestick 
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft Surface
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Kodi
  • Roku
  • Boxee Box.
  • Setup Box
  • Raspberry Pi


Is the VPN quick and dependable?

Unadulterated VPN has a few fallback association schedules. Their DNS spill assurance, alongside the off button remembered for the application, assists with getting your association. Servers found all around the world take into consideration a quick association, paying little mind to where you are.


Will utilizing this VPN stop transfer speed choking?

Indeed. An unadulterated VPN gets your web traffic according to your ISP. Since your ISP can’t perceive what you’re doing on the web, they can’t decide whether they should choke your transmission capacity.


Which servers of this VPN are awesome for Netflix?

There’s a specific stream choice for the VPN that is great for Netflix. You will pick what region of the planet you need to approach also, viably tottering Netflix’s geofencing conventions.


Is there a free form of this VPN?

No free form exists, however, the expense of a month-to-month membership is reasonable in contrast with other VPNs.


For what reason am I once in a while impeded from Netflix when I utilize this VPN?

Unadulterated VPN offers particular association choices that you ought to choose depending on your sort of utilization. On the off chance that you settle on record sharing as your choice, you will not have an improved association for streaming. Destinations like Netflix might dismiss your association endeavor.


How well do the components and hole insurance settings work?

Secrecy choices work magnificently, successfully concealing your area. Off button and split burrowing likewise perform honorably. The extra assurance of DNS spill insurance is an incredible fallback choice if there should arise an occurrence of server issues.


Are the VPN applications secure and easy to understand?

The application is natural with a respectable UI for experienced clients. Novice clients might get lost without any problem. The application appears to be secure yet doesn’t inform more experienced clients when it’s exchanging conventions.

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