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Safervpn Strongvpn Discount Black Friday Deals & Review

The virtual private network service SaferVPN Strongvpn was established in Israel in 2013. The founders of the company wanted to “differentiate themselves by appealing not only to experts in the field of online security but also to people of all ages and with varying technical skills,” according to an article that was published in Forbes two years after the company had been founded and profiled. “deliver secure, private, and unfiltered Internet access to anybody, wherever,” reads the mission statement for the virtual private network (VPN).


That is not an especially novel objective today, but it provides a point of reference for what Strongvpn attempts to do. To succeed as a virtual private network (VPN) with widespread appeal, the service must be user-friendly, affordable, compatible with Netflix, and fast enough to install on your grandparents’ computers without them shrieking at you for crashing their connection.


But is Strongvpn successful in its mission to provide users with private and unrestricted internet access wherever they are in the world? After conducting tests and reviewing SaferVPN Strongvpn, we can say that the virtual private network (VPN) is simple, not very good, and its promises are not valid.

Safervpn Strongvpn Discount Coupon

SaferVPN Strongvpn is now a part of J2 Global and has combined with StrongVPN, another VPN service offered by J2 Global that we’ve evaluated in the past.

For the time being, current customers may continue to make use of the SaferVPN Strongvpn service. Instead, to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) account, new customers are sent to the StrongVPN website.


SaferVPN is the fastest and easiest VPN service. Connecting to the virtual private network (VPN) is easy, and the applications are relatively straightforward. They don’t include any extra features or bells and whistles. The speeds are faster than choices such as ExpressVPN.


This straightforwardness comes with several drawbacks. First, you are only given the option of connecting to a single nation. Second, some consumers might want more information about specific servers, such as their load and ping times. Third, the application does a decent job of selecting the best available alternative most of the time. However, there are occasions when there are problems with consistency. Finally, because it only permits one location for P2P traffic, SaferVPN Strongvpn is not a very good option for torrenting.


Although security features like the Kill Switch and Wi-Fi Security are welcome improvements, services such as NordVPN give a great deal more flexibility. Even while SaferVPN Strongvpn does not maintain any activity records, some customers may be concerned that the service keeps connection logs.


You can sign up with SaferVPN Strongvpn right here if you’re seeking a VPN service that is quick, straightforward, and incredibly simple to use. On the other hand, choices are available to you if you want access to more information and greater control over the server selections, security features, and other aspects of the service.


In the coming weeks and months, we will provide you with even more concise reviews focusing on some of the most impressive VPN providers looking to discover more about virtual private networks or VPNs. ChecFirst, check our comprehensive guide to virtual private networks (VPNs) and look at some of the top VPN applications.


SaferVPN Strongvpn is a rather basic and inexpensive virtual private network (VPN) service that offers respectable functionality; nevertheless, its poor speeds prevent it from competing at the highest levels. Furthermore, even if it does allow you to access Netflix, we have some reservations about the company’s privacy practices (kind of). Read our comprehensive review of SaferVPN for more information.


This review of SaferVPN Strongvpn will cover various topics, including the service’s speed, user-friendliness, pricing, feature set, streaming performance, and more. However, even though it enables unblocking of Netflix and other essential services, it is not yet a serious candidate for the top spot in our VPN rankings.


A Quick Overview:


  • The applications provided by SaferVPN Strongvpn are straightforward, and the connection speeds and security measures are satisfactory. Regrettably, the virtual private network (VPN) is riddled with privacy and performance difficulties. In addition, it does not reliably unblock US Netflix, keeps connection records, and provides minimal support for P2P file sharing.
  • SaferVPN Strongvpn is attractive for those who wish to protect themselves from cybercriminals and other prying eyes. It works well for streaming movies via providers such as Netflix. People who wish to watch streaming videos online will find this service an excellent option because of its immediate connection, limitless material, and quick streaming speeds. On the other hand, it does not bode well for P2P.
  • IKEA, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN are some of the protocols available with SaferVPN Strongvpn. If you require the highest level of security, OpenVPN is a better option than PPTP, which is ideal for streaming media. In addition, the pricing offered by SaferVPN is on the more affordable end of the spectrum. The price for a plan that lasts for two years is low, and they offer occasional discounts.
  • For the convenience of commercial enterprises, there are specialised Business and Enterprise packages. In addition, enterprise customers are offered specialised, tailor-made bundles in addition to cloud-based access.
  • There is a Chrome extension in addition to applications for all of the leading operating systems. This is particularly helpful for first-time users unfamiliar with using a virtual private network (VPN). In addition, SaferVPN Strongvpn offers pre-configured routers that may be purchased separately.
  • Because of the fast speeds, uploading and downloading files is a simple process.
  • You can keep safe from hackers who set up unsecured Wi-Fi networks in public places like cafés and airports by using SaferVPN Strongvpn. They already have a substantial network, consisting of over 950 servers spread over 35 countries, and they continue expanding.
  • They provide customer service via LiveChat around the clock. In addition to that, they provide ticketing services and may be reached via various social media platforms. On chat, they respond immediately, and within a few minutes, they do the same on Facebook messages.

SaferVPN Pros & Cons



  • Affordable yearly subscriptions
  • Accessible speeds in the neighbourhood Add-ons for your favourite web browser
  • Automatic WiFi Security Kill Switch Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video
  • Facilitated navigation for the average user
  • There are no water leaks.
  • The exceptional quality of service to the clientele
  • VPN download speeds are around average
  • Having a VPN kill switch and being secure against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks
  • Straightforward, bespoke software. Quickly get up and running on the most common gadgets.




  • Captures little information about VPN connections
  • Problems connecting to the server (incl. streaming servers)
  • There are only three servers where torrenting is allowed.
  • Inconsistent, according to China
  • No Conduit Separation
  • Problems with Security
  • Privacy settings that raise red flags
  • Poorly consistent server locations
  • Blocked from accessing Hulu




  • You may have up to five users connected at once.
  • A free trial period of 24 hours and a full refund guarantee of 30 days is provided.
  • There is no tracking of user behaviour, although data about their connections and locations (not their IP addresses) is recorded.
  • There are around 1,300 data centres in 50 different countries.
  • Torrenting is functional, although SaferVPN Strongvpn only permits P2P access from a single country (Netherlands). Always remember to abide by the copyright rules in your country. Our company does not support or endorse any kind of unlawful behaviour.
  • To access blocked content on services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, users may switch to servers in the United States or the United Kingdom.
  • Wi-Fi Security and a Kill Switch are two of the safety measures available.
  • Support is accessible at all hours.


SaferVPN Strongvpn has a respectable number of standard features, one of which is a kill switch. VPN newbies will find all they need to get started with this service, but more advanced users could find the lack of split tunnelling limiting.


SaferVPN Strongvpn is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android and is downloadable as an extension for Firefox and Chrome. In addition, support for routers is available via SaferVPN. Nothing out of the ordinary, just what we would anticipate from a VPN service in the middle tier.


If your connection to the VPN should get interrupted, a kill switch will quickly disconnect you from the internet. However, unlike NordVPN, you cannot configure it to function with a subset of applications alone (see our NordVPN review here). Even though SaferVPN’s Strongvpn kill switch is effortless, we are pleased to see that it is included, mainly since it is accessible on all platforms.


Automatic WiFi security is one of the most innovative aspects of SaferVPN’s Strongvpn service. If you connect to an unprotected WiFi network, it will immediately start the VPN connection for you. This feature is helpful if you spend a lot of time working in public places like hotel lobbies and coffee shops.


There are a few standard customisation options, such as starting the VPN when your device starts up and naming trusted networks, but other than that, that’s about it. It’s a shame that this place doesn’t have anything noteworthy to offer. Despite this, SaferVPN Strongvpn offers all of the necessary features.


Simple downloadable apps for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Chrome and Firefox have browser add-ons. SaferVPN Strongvpn is compatible with any router, so you may use it with the one you already have or get a new one pre-installed.

The SaferVPN Strongvpn router list, along with manual setup instructions for your current router, may be found here. In addition, Chromebooks, Linux, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield TV, and other media streaming devices have manual installation manuals. They are in this location.


While most applications have intuitive user interfaces, SaferVPN’s Strongvpn constant faults and problems make it a chore to use.


Instructions for Putting in Place and Configuring SaferVPN Strongvpn


  • On SaferVPN’s Strongvpn website, the software download page is prominently displayed.
  • Choose the app you need for your device from SaferVPN’s Strongvpn extensive library.
  • To help you through the installation procedure, SaferVPN Strongvpn has a wizard that walks you through the steps.
  • In this section, you can see how rapidly the programme is being installed; typically, the process completes itself in under a minute.
  • Home base for SaferVPN Strongvpn management. Use the server browser on the left to locate a server, and then click “Connect.”
  • Details about your connection, such as your new IP address, are prominently on the connected screen of SaferVPN Strongvpn.
  • Configuration options for SaferVPN Strongvpn. There will be a separate page for selecting your VPN protocol, and it will provide some valuable tips.
  • A VPN speed test tool and quick access to customer assistance are two of SaferVPN’s Strongvpn extra features.
  • Downloading and installing SaferVPN’s Strongvpn specialised VPN applications is straightforward, but the programmes’ reliability is subpar, resulting in frequent connection failures. Having to deal with any of these is likely to be quite annoying.
  • Despite several attempts with customer service, ware e often could not join our chosen servers.
  • Aside from that, the applications are basic in design and suitable for first-timers.
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The interface of the SaferVPN Strongvpn app is straightforward.

Assembly and Software

The extension is compatible with Chrome and can be installed quickly and easily. The Home layout allows for 12 simultaneous connections. The Small Business plan allows up to 10 connections simultaneously, while the Premium plan only enables 7.

The setup is straightforward, but if you run into any trouble along the road, the support team is accessible through live chat.

It’s straightforward to use the app. A location may be chosen from the drop-down menu, and Connect can be activated. You may also create a list of your most often visited places for easy access. In addition, the software provides a kill switch that cuts off your Internet connection if the VPN connection ever breaks and allows you to choose the appropriate VPN protocol.

Regarding routers, SaferVPN Strongvpn is just as easy to set up. You may even buy one of their VPN routers to simplify matters. They provide three distinct versions, all of which can connect to the VPN.

Anonymous logs only:


Although SaferVPN Strongvpn does not save any logs that may be used to identify individual users, it does capture a greater quantity of anonymous data than is technically required. Additionally, it is managed from the privacy-hostile United States.


SaferVPN Strongvpn was introduced to the public for the first time in 2013 and was subsequently purchased by NetProtect, a division of J2 Global located in the United States.


The United States of America is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing agreement, which is unfortunate for protecting personal information.


However, the Privacy Policy of SaferVPN Strongvpn states that if for some reason, a government, business, or another type of organisation wanted to acquire data relating to a specific individual, it would be impossible for them to hand it over because the data simply does not exist. This is the case regardless of the reason for the desire.

Logging Policy:


SaferVPN Strongvpn offers a no-logging policy. According to their policy, “When you use SaferVPN Strongvpn service, the only data we gather from you (“VPN Data”) is your username and password.” “), which may be summarised as follows:


  1. A time stamp indicates when you connected to our VPN service and disconnected from it.
  2. The total quantity of data uploaded and downloaded throughout your session.


When you use our VPN service, we WILL NOT monitor or store any information on the websites you connect to or any of the data sent through our network.”


This is a sensible approach, even though they do not maintain zero records. As a result, the government authorities won’t be able to use this information to assist in identifying you. In addition, there have been no reported instances of SaferVPN Strongvpn improperly recording users’ activity.


Bitcoin is an option for making payments if you want to keep your credit card’s data private. Because Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, the VPN provider will not be able to access any of your personal information even if they try. As a result, Bitcoin is gaining popularity as a payment mechanism among those concerned about privacy.


If you want to go beyond China’s Great Firewall, using SaferVPN Strongvpn as your virtual private network service will not be the best option.


You are permitted to link a maximum of twelve devices to a single account. In addition, you can connect an infinite number of devices to the router if you buy one of their pre-configured routers.


The logging policy of SaferVPN Strongvpn is not as privacy-friendly as it might be. Still, it does not store records of any personally identifying information, such as the IP address from which your connection originated.


According to the privacy policy, SaferVPN Strongvpn does not record “your browsing activities, data, or IP addresses.” This means that the VPN service does not keep a record of the websites you visit or anything you download or share.


However, if a user activates the VPN service, the servers that SaferVPN Strongvpn uses do gather the following information about that user:


  • Specific dates and times for when the session started and when it concluded
  • The total amount of data that was sent during the session.
  • The nation and location of the server that was selected.
  • The nation from which you first connected.
  • This is a more extended period than we are comfortable with, yet SaferVPN Strongvpn retains these records for ninety days.
  • It should not be too much of a problem, as it would most likely be challenging to relate online behaviour to a specific person using this data.



It is possible to watch the content or download files on local networks while using SaferVPN Strongvpn, but the service is nothing to write home about. Furthermore, when using foreign connections, the process is significantly more sluggish and won’t result in a seamless experience.


Although SaferVPN Strongvpn is not the fastest virtual private network (VPN) available, it is fast enough for casual users who want to browse the web and stream content in high definition.


On VPN connections inside the same nation, such as London-to-London, you can anticipate SaferVPN Strongvpn to slow down your download speeds by around 18 per cent, which isn’t terrible for a virtual private network (VPN).


We were able to stream without seeing any buffering issues and download massive files in a reasonable amount of time with speeds of about 76 Mbps.


There is a significant slowdown in the speed of international connections, such as those between the United Kingdom and the United States; the difference is around 76 per cent.


Although 22 Mbps is still sufficient for HD watching on Netflix, you may have difficulties if your internet connection is slower than ours (which clocks in at 100 Mbps) and you do not use a virtual private network (VPN).


If you want to get a sense of how quickly SaferVPN Strongvpn works on international connections, have a look at the results of our speed tests connecting out from the UK to SaferVPN servers in the following countries:


  • Download speeds in the United States of America are 22 Mbps and 34 Mbps (upload)
  • Germany: 61 Mbps for downloads and 75 Mbps for uploads (upload)
  • Download speeds of 15 Mbps and upload speeds of 7 Mbps are available in Singapore (upload)
  • Download speeds of 13 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps (upload)


Torrent users need to know that peer-to-peer file sharing is only allowed on servers in Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands. However, upload speeds are generally decent if you maintain a connection to a nearby server. So instead, we suggest having a look at any of these VPN services that are suited for P2P.


However, gamers will, for the most part, be pleased with the low ping times provided by SaferVPN Strongvpn.


Surprisingly extensive server network that spans the majority of prominent places


The local connection to SaferVPN is relatively quick. Unfortunately, it is not quite fast enough to make it into our list of the fastest VPNs since doing so also demands a consistency that SaferVPN can not quite reach; but, as long as you are tunnelling near your location, its performance is outstanding.


These speed tests were carried out using a typical WiFi connection in homes. The first protected server was picked randomly as the one with the highest throughput, the following three protected servers came from the list of recommendations, and the last three were tested since their locations are often not well-serviced. When we connected to the server advised by SaferVPN, the performance of our surfing was not adversely affected in any discernible way. However, when we connected on the east coast of the United States or in Europe, a more significant portion of our download speed was lost. By the time we reached Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America, the connection was so slow that it was unusable.

However, the relative velocity is of more significance than absolute speed. With these percentages, a high-speed ethernet connection may attain the necessary five megabits per second for streaming from any location on the planet. Because the latency was also reasonably acceptable, SaferVPN Strongvpn is an excellent virtual private network (VPN) service for gaming (though not one of the best).




OpenVPN and AES-256 are encrypted to safeguard internet traffic when SaferVPN Strongvpn is used in its basic configuration. As you can see from our guide to the security of VPNs, this level of protection is about as good as it gets. However, the presence of PPTP on some operating systems makes them susceptible to attack.

IKEv2, which is optimised for mobile connections, and L2TP/IPSec, which is less fast but provides a higher level of security, are the other choices available to you. You also can set the protocol to “automatic” with SaferVPN Strongvpn, which uses OpenVPN as the default but enables SaferVPN to switch to other protocols if OpenVPN is unavailable. WireGuard is the only component that is lacking.


SaferVPN Strongvpn claims that their encryption is of a “bank-grade” standard. However, this almost often refers to an implementation of the advanced encryption standard (AES), which is used in some capacity by almost all online security software. So it is safe, but boasting about it is similar to advertising that your hotel has air conditioning and colour television. To find out more, have a look at our breakdown on encryption.


We deducted several percentage points from SaferVPN’s Strongvpn score because it only partially supported PPTP. The PPTP protocol is outdated, making it very insecure because it does not support AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, the fact that there is a remote possibility that it may ever be set to pick automatically makes SaferVPN less secure. Several VPN providers, such as ProtonVPN, don’t even provide PPTP. You’ll find additional information about this topic in the breakdown of our VPN protocol.

Server Locations:


Because many maps and listings on the website disagreed, getting precise information on the locations of SaferVPN’s servers was challenging. However, when we relied only on the VPN service, we discovered a total of around 1,300 servers dispersed throughout 52 countries. Although most of them may be found in Europe, the network has at least one data centre on the other six continents.


The vast number of servers available to users is one of SaferVPN’s Strongvpn most notable advantages. Access is provided to over a thousand servers located in 51 locations throughout the globe, including nations on each of the seven continents. On the other hand, some more populous nations have a smaller pool of servers from which to pick, which might result in slower connection speeds.

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Recent growth at SaferVPN Strongvpn has brought the total number of servers in its network to an astonishing 1,300, spread out over 51 countries. The worldwide coverage is extensive and includes the type and some less common alternatives for VPN server locations.


Europe is covered in its whole, all the way from the westernmost countries (Ireland, Portugal, and France) to the northernmost countries (Sweden, Finland, and Norway), and then all the way south to the Baltic States (Latvia and Estonia) (Greece, Italy, Bulgaria).


Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South Korea are some other places in Asia that are included in the region’s robust representation, in addition to more conventional possibilities like Singapore and Japan.


After implementing a regulation that obliged virtual private networks (VPNs) to record user data, SaferVPN Strongvpn terminated its servers in India. This was the correct course of action.


There are servers throughout the Americas and in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, there are other servers located in South Africa and Nigeria. This is a great starting point, but we would want to see coverage of the continent that is little more balanced.


South Africa is the sole SaferVPN Strongvpn server located on the African continent, thus if you are an African user, your only option is to connect via that country.


The United States and the United Kingdom are the two countries with regional selections available here (in the United States, you may choose between East, West, and Streaming) (which has a regular server and a streaming-optimized server).


This is a compelling product, but since there is only one server, it may result in poor speeds for certain huge countries like Australia.


Only virtual computers are used for each of the slightly more than 1,300 individual servers SaferVPN Strongvpn maintains. This indicates that SaferVPN contracts with other companies to supply it with cloud-based server space.


While SaferVPN Strongvpn encrypts traffic on those virtual servers, we recommend that VPN providers own their physical servers. This gives the VPN service complete control over the servers, providing the highest possible security and anonymity.


On its support website, SaferVPN Strongvpn claims to have access to more than 2,000 different IP addresses. However, due to the fact that it hasn’t been updated since the company extended its server network, that information is probably out of current. After an upgrade in May 2020, the number of countries the platform supports about doubled, and the number of total servers increased by more than three times, so you can anticipate that the 2,000 IP address statistic is much higher presently.


Streaming server issues occur rather often.


Streaming content cannot be reliably accessed while using SaferVPN Strongvpn. On some days, we are able to connect to streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and US Netflix, whereas on other days, we are unable to do so.


Even though SaferVPN Strongvpn includes servers that are specialised for US and UK streaming providers, users have reported that these servers are often unreliable.


During the previous several months, we have had problems connecting to the specialised streaming servers. When we were finally able to join, we discovered that our preferred platforms, such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, were occasionally prohibited.


Inconsistently, SaferVPN Strongvpn will unblock BBC iPlayer for you.


In the past, SaferVPN Strongvpn was a fantastic option for those who enjoyed streaming content; but, due to its recent instability, we no longer include it among our recommendations.


These virtual private networks (VPNs) are currently the most reliable options for watching content online while streaming.

Limited P2P support:


P2P file sharing is permitted on certain of SaferVPN’s Strongvpn servers, although not all of them do so (all located in Europe and North America).


If you connect to a server that is geographically close to you, you will experience fast upload speeds with SaferVPN Strongvpn. However, since torrenting and P2P file sharing are only allowed on three server locations (the Netherlands, Canada, and Spain), if you live in a more remote location, you should consider using one of the top VPNs for torrenting instead.


The limited number of servers that support P2P may also contribute to congestion on those servers and sluggish speeds during high use periods.


You are able to use SaferVPN Strongvpn with Kodi as well; but, in order to use it on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or any other streaming device, you will need to install the VPN on your network first.


The VPN kill switch and IP leak prevention that come included with SaferVPN Strongvpn are welcome features, but the service logs more connection data than we would want.


In our testing, we found that IPVanish’s torrenting capabilities were far superior than those of SaferVPN Strongvpn.

Bypassing Censorship:


SaferVPN Strongvpn does not have the essential obfuscation features to function normally in countries with severe internet censorship such as China.


It is not recommended to use SaferVPN Strongvpn in China. Since the Chinese government began cracking down on virtual private networks (VPNs), SaferVPN has had trouble maintaining stable connection inside the nation.


Although the custom VPN applications are prohibited, manually creating a VPN connection to use the OpenVPN protocol may sometimes circumvent the prohibition. Even after going through such a complicated and time-consuming procedure, there is no assurance that it will be successful.


SaferVPN Strongvpn does not provide its users with the extra obfuscation technologies that are often required to circumvent these more stringent government bans.


SaferVPN Strongvpn is still a good option in other high-censorship nations because to the robust privacy features it offers, the fact that it is compatible with Tor over VPN, and its extensive server network across Asia and the Pacific.


A robust encryption system in addition to all of the essential security features



There is a distinction in pricing for residential and commercial customers. There are three different payment options available for residential users: monthly, annually, and bi-yearly. The most cost-effective choice for you would be to go with a membership that is valid for two years. Even while SaferVPN Strongvpn has a plan with monthly payments available, the monthly plan is much more expensive than the longer-term plans.


There is a 24-hour free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Pricing varies depending on the business. For a business account, you will be required to pay $10 per member on a monthly basis. SaferVPN Strongvpn delivers a secure package together with cloud-based access with its Enterprise subscription, which is tailored at high-end businesses and enterprises. In addition, the business accounts have a refund policy that is valid for the first thirty days. There are a number of different ways to make a payment, including credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and others.


Since SaferVPN Strongvpn provides various discounts, including seasonal and other ones, it is important that you visit their website in order to check out the bargains that are now available. You may also find some coupons online, which can help you save even more money.


Affordable plans backed by a thirty-day money-back guarantee.


On lengthier subscriptions, SaferVPN Strongvpn provides excellent value for the money by charging just $2.50 per month for three years. However, shorter commitments may result in higher prices, with monthly subscriptions costing more than $12.00 a month on average. You also have the option to make use of the money-back guarantee that the VPN service provides for a period of 30 days.


The longer you subscribe to SaferVPN Strongvpn, just like the majority of other VPN services, the lower your monthly cost will be.


The most costly choice is a single month, which costs $12.95, but you can save 58% if you choose to subscribe to SaferVPN Strongvpn for a full year ($5.49 per month), and you can save 81% on the three-year plan, which comes in at an extremely inexpensive $2.50 per month.


When it comes to buying privacy, SaferVPN Strongvpn is one of the few VPNs that offers a wide variety of payment options, including cryptocurrency.


The most common types of credit and debit cards:


  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • CoinGate also supports a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Tron.


There are no foreign payment alternatives that are allowed at this time. This implies that neither Alipay nor UnionPay may be used.


A free trial period of 24 hours was available with SaferVPN Strongvpn in the past, however this perk is no longer available. However, you still have the opportunity to request a refund during the 30-day grace period that is provided.


This will get you full and risk-free access to SaferVPN Strongvpn for a period of thirty days. You need to make a mental note to cancel the membership before the allotted amount of time has passed, and you will then be given a complete refund with “no questions asked.” The processing time for each and every refund is typically 10 business days.


In spite of the fact that we are dissatisfied that SaferVPN does not provide a true free trial anymore, the risk-free 30-day refund period is still an excellent method to try out the service on your own.


SaferVPN Strongvpn is unstable and unimpressive!

Reliability & Support:


Although SaferVPN Strongvpn provides around-the-clock live chat assistance, our interactions with the company’s agents often left us feeling aggravated. Even though live chat replies are quite prompt, the customer service representatives often had difficulty answering even the most fundamental inquiries. When we asked the agent how long SaferVPN retains connection records for, the agent seemed hesitant to provide us with any detailed information on this matter. We finally gave up and emailed the customer support service, and to our relief, we received a response in less than ten minutes that was genuinely helpful and solved our concern.


The online knowledge base provided by SaferVPN Strongvpn does an excellent job of covering the fundamentals of installation and troubleshooting. Still, we would like to see greater depth and information in some areas.


SaferVPN Strongvpn has repeatedly shown that it places a high priority on providing excellent customer care. For example, they provide a Live Chat service that provides a response within a few minutes, in addition to an email system that provides a response anywhere from a few hours to a few days afterwards.


In addition, there is a contact form on their website, and you may also communicate with them using the instant messaging feature on Facebook.


The website for SaferVPN Strongvpn had some technical difficulties earlier today, but it should be back up and operating by tomorrow.


Before I began the VPN connection, my operating system gave me a warning notice. I reached out to SaferVPN Strongvpn using their Live Chat feature, and the representative I spoke with was accommodating and informed me that my question would be sent to their technical staff.

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In a matter of hours, the technical team got in touch to let me know that the senior support staff was already working hard on the issue. They responded within a few days, informing me that an anti-DNS Leak component caused my alert and that a remedy would be incorporated in the subsequent upgraded version of the software. Furthermore, they took my issue seriously and worked to find a solution, which made me extremely glad to see it, even though the process took some time.


Connection times with SaferVPN Strongvpn are incredibly fast, and the service’s pricing is very reasonable, particularly for the two-yearly plan. It is one of the least expensive virtual private networks (VPNs), with a monthly fee of around $2. In consideration of the cost, the quality is satisfactory.


However, if torrenting and P2P file sharing are a need for you, there are superior VPN options available.


SaferVPN Strongvpn is a relatively young competitor in the virtual private network (VPN) industry, but it has quickly developed and increased the range of services it offers. Moreover, it claims it is the simplest and quickest VPN service available without sacrificing the user’s privacy or security. But do such promises have any basis in reality, and what capabilities does this VPN offer? In this brief SaferVPN review, let’s find out the answer.



SaferVPN Strongvpn has its headquarters in Israel, a country with stringent privacy laws and restrictions on the power of the government to monitor citizens’ online activities. The fact that Israel is a member of the Five Eyes information-sharing arrangement, which also includes the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, is something that privacy advocates may find troubling. But, on the other hand, the laws of your area ought to be sufficient to protect your privacy online.


The qualifications that come with SaferVPN’s Strongvpn “no logging” policy are not helpful. A thorough examination of the privacy policy reveals that SaferVPN gathers just the most basic of helpful information to keep the service’s quality high and assist in the fight against fraud. This includes the date and time a session starts and finishes, the total amount of data sent during a session, the location of the VPN server to which you are connected, and the country in which you are now located. Despite this, SaferVPN does not record users’ IP addresses or other activities related to their web surfing.


Using, I checked for IP leaks and WebRTC detection and DNS leaks, and I could not find any problems. However, I carried out the test more than once because there were a few complaints about IP and DNS leaks while I was working on this study. In a recent update, SaferVPN Strongvpn claims that it has fixed any problems that users may have been experiencing, which seems to be the truth.

Device Compatibility:


SaferVPN Strongvpn provides dedicated clients for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. With only one membership, you may log in from up to five different gadgets. Because of this, if you want to use SaferVPN on your TV or gaming device, you’ll need to manually install it on your network (there are no dedicated applications for Fire TV Stick).

SaferVPN Strongvpn has specialised VPN applications for all of today’s major platforms:


  • Windows by Microsoft
  • Mac OS by Apple
  • iOS
  • Android


For platforms like Linux, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry that don’t have native programmes, SaferVPN Strongvpn has plenty of manual set-up directions on their website.


SaferVPN’s Strongvpn maximum simultaneous connections is five, which is par for the course among VPN services.


If you want to use SaferVPN Strongvpn on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Xbox, you’ll need to manually setup your router since the service doesn’t provide dedicated applications for streaming devices or gaming consoles.


Alternatively, if you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may review our recommendations for the best VPN services for the Fire TV Stick in 2023.


Either you flash your own router or purchase one that has already been flashed with SaferVPN’s Strongvpn VPN software.


Once SaferVPN Strongvpn is installed on your router, all of your home’s internet-connected devices, including gaming consoles and streaming devices, will be secure.


In a matter of seconds, you can have SaferVPN’s Strongvpn VPN extensions up and running on your Chrome or Firefox browser. These browser extensions are available for free and with paid subscriptions (subject to a 500MB monthly data cap).


These add-ons are proxies and do not provide a secure VPN connection or provide access to the same extensive capabilities as the SaferVPN Strongvpn desktop client. Unfortunately, these add-ons are not meant to replace the core SaferVPN Strongvpn experience.


While it’s quick and simple to set up, there are several connectivity problems.


To write this evaluation, we used both Windows and Android software versions.


  • Windows:


The Windows programme for SaferVPN lives up to the company’s boast that it is the simplest VPN available. Following a successful login, the programme presents a tiny, static map of the globe, pinpointing the user’s default location (best server). Then, if you’re ready to begin, click the green Connect button.


To access the list of nations, click the location pointer symbol next to the Connect button. SaferVPN provides over 700 servers in 34 countries; however, you can only choose the nation from the drop-down menu, not a particular server inside that country. Neither server activity nor latency-based ordering is an option. The software handles all the legwork for you in locating the optimal server; you must select which nation you wish to connect to.


The nearest server to you will often be the most efficient. Streaming choices from the United States and the United Kingdom are included. Unfortunately, SaferVPN only supports P2P on the Netherlands server, which isn’t advertised elsewhere. You may find this data buried in the website’s help sections.

Choose the cog in the upper right-hand corner for the app’s configuration options. Much like the rest of the programme, it is minimal and has the bare necessities. Choose a VPN protocol (we advise OpenVPN) or let the system decide (Automatic is the default). Protect your device when using a public Wi-Fi network with Auto Wi-Fi, and prevent access to the internet if your VPN connection breaks with the Kill Switch. That settles the matter, period.


  • Android:


You’ll recognise familiar elements from the Windows software in the Android app’s design. The only discernible change is the relocation of the location symbol to the upper left corner. In addition, there isn’t a dedicated Settings page. Instead, VPN protocols, Kill Switches, and Wi-Fi Security is accessible through the hamburger menu.


SaferVPN’s extensions for Chrome and Firefox need little effort to set up. Download the add-on from the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla Add-ons store, sign in, and start sharing! No more than a few minutes, at most.


There is a severe shortage of expertise among live chat workers.

The Verdict:

At the outset of our assessment, we posed the question: How well does SaferVPN communicate with laypeople? After carefully examining every facet of this service, the verdict is a resounding yes. First, an annual subscription is of great value. Nearly all potential annoyances with the UI have been eliminated. Finally, the speed is incredible if you’re close to a server.

The service completely satisfies its intended purpose. Overall, VPN performance is something we have more doubts about. It collects a lot of user information and then gives itself disturbing leeway to do anything it wants with that information. Even though the NSA’s capacity to decode PPTP is public knowledge, it still supports it. If you’re accessing it from a server on a different continent, you’ll notice a significant slowdown in performance.

Still, we find it challenging to give SaferVPN an absolute negative review. On the contrary, I was impressed with its user interface, responsive customer service, and secure WiFi.

Given the relative youth of SaferVPN, we will proceed with caution. However, there is still time for this service to reach its full potential as its user base continues to expand rapidly.


Possibility of rising to the ranks of the industry’s elite: It has fast download speeds, robust security, and helpful support staff. SaferVPN is an unlimited, cross-platform VPN service with servers in almost 35 different locations. It’s hard to say no when you get a free trial, a refund guarantee, and Netflix and Hulu.


SaferVPN was a reliable VPN service in the past, but we can no longer endorse it due to some recent problems with its server connections.

Although the recent significant expansion of its server network is a major gain, the service’s slow speeds and restricted access to streaming content have left many users hoping for additional improvements shortly.

Similarly, SaferVPN stores a little more information than we’d want (and is headquartered in the US).

SaferVPN Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I connect to SaferVPN?


Using SaferVPN, you can shield your online activities and identity from prying eyes. Once downloaded and installed, you can just hit the “connect” button and continue using the web as usual. Thanks to the VPN’s encryption, you may safely transmit money over the internet, access websites blocked in your country, or even view porn without fear of being identified.


  1. Can You Tell Me WhereSaferVPN Is Located?


SaferVPN’s headquarters remain in Israel, where the company was established.


  1. Can I use Netflix with SaferVPN?


You can access Netflix from anywhere using SaferVPN. However, the streaming vs VPN landscape is ever-changing, so this may not always be the case.


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