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Life without the internet has become unimaginable nowadays. The internet has become such an indispensable asset that we have come to be hugely reliant on it in various walks of life. But the greatest problem nowadays is the geolocation restrictions that bar us from accessing various content.

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This is a huge problem that many of us struggle to find the solution for. So how can we overcome geolocation or government-imposed restrictions? Is there any technology that can help us overcome such an obstacle? If so, will it be against the law to do so and use such technology? Such questions may be plaguing your mind. But let us assure you that we have got that covered! This article discusses the best solution to such an obstacle, and the best solution is called Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The VPN is a program that allows users to bypass geolocation restrictions and access restricted content with ease. What is more? A VPN functions by allowing us to access the internet by connection to a foreign server than that of our country. So it would appear that we are using the internet from a foreign country, while actually we are geographically someplace else. It is legal to use a VPN.

The VPN allows us to not only keep our identity masked, but it also helps secure our internet connection to prevent cyber threats. So, now you may be wondering: ‘There are so many fascinating VPNs online, which one should I go for?’ Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you one of the most reliable VPN in the world: Surfshark VPN.

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About SurfsharkVPN Black Friday

Surfshark VPN is a newcomer to the VPN business. But despite its status as a noob it has managed to prove to other top and high ranking VPNs that it has the fastest speed for a VPN service. It even rivals huge VPN services such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Equipped with state of the art technology, this newbie is quickly winning the hearts of netizens. It has a lot of amazing features and a jaw-dropping price.


With Surfshark VPN, users can secure your digital life, access content without fear, no digital footprints left, browse Netflix without having to worry about geolocation restrictions, and download torrents with ease. In fact, with Surfshark VPN, users can fearlessly conduct online transactions as it ensures that the user’s traffic is protected. So below are 8 features that argue why Surfshark VPN is the VPN that you need:


Top 8 Features of Surfshark VPN

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  1. Secured internet connection

What makes Surfshark VPN truly safe and secure is the fact that it uses AES-256 bit Military grade encryption to protect your traffic, private DNS and leak protection. Moreover, it also has a built-in ad and malware blocker called ‘Clean Web’, so with regard to security of one’s internet connection, there is nothing to fear at all.


  1. Identity protected

We all value our privacy. But there are some cyber stalkers who wish to stalk our every online activity or collect our own personal data without our knowledge and approval. Why? There could even be some malicious intent behind this. What if they leaked our private and personal data? What if they steal our digital identity? What if they hack into our bank accounts? There are so many fear arousing factors that we may need to consider. But with Surfshark VPN, we do not need to have any such concerns.


Surfshark VPN is the best solution to get rid of cyber stalkers, they will never ever able to trace out the traffic by generating fake foreign locations instead of our original location (and also hides our IP address), it encrypts our data traffic and the MultiHop feature allows users to connect to many servers (located in different countries) at a time to throw the cyber stalker or hacker off our trail.

  • Devices that Surfshark is compatible with
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Surfshark is such a huge hit because it is compatible with a variety of platforms and devices. Its adaptability makes it the ideal VPN to use. It is available for: Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, and macOS, Windows, Linux, Fire TV, Trust DNS, Apple TV, Xbox and PlayStation.

  • Surfshark and Netflix

Netflix is one of the most downloaded and used apps in the world. Netflix is gradually becoming an indispensable part of our life. But the problem with Netflix is that it imposes geolocation restrictions on some content.

Thus, preventing us from viewing some of our favourite content. This is especially bothersome when we are travelling. Surfshark VPN helps us to overcome such an obstacle and use Netflix without any concerns. It bypasses the geolocation restrictions and thus allows us to view our favourite content anywhere in the world!

  • Zero data logging

Basically a VPN is a program that allows users to hide their digital footprint and maintain online anonymity, meaning that one’s online data traffic is encrypted and the IP address is hidden. So basically, the goal is to be undetectable and untraceable.

But the problem is that many VPN service providers misuse the trust of its customers and makes it a scandalous business to sell our private data which we have entrusted to them. So, in the end, there is no point in using that particular VPN service. But such is not the case with Surfshark VPN as it promises zero data logging, meaning that it remains true to its word of not storing and selling the personal information that we have entrusted to it.

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  • Surfshark in China

The problem in China is that the government has ensured that most VPN services do not function properly there. This pretty much narrows down the list of reliable VPN services that can be used in China. Especially since China probably has the most geolocation restrictions. So almost all of our favourite content is virtually inaccessible in China.

Bur fear not, many users from China have reported that Surfshark VPN functions superbly in China, thus establishing itself as one of the most reliable VPN services in China. This is one of the reason why Surfshark VPN is used across the globe.

  • Military grade protection

Now, you may be wondering: ‘Why would I need military grade protection with my VPN?’ Surfshark VPN uses AES-256 bit military grade encryption to protect our online data traffic. Doing so helps to protect us from hacking, malware, phishing, identity theft, ad manipulation and ISP tracking.

With Surfshark VPN, users can fearlessly conduct online transactions and shopping without having to fear about your connection being insecure, as Surfshark VPN will ensure that your connections are secured and your identify remains totally anonymous.

  • Budget friendly

Users can download the mobile app of Surfshark VPN and try the 1 week trial pack. Surfshark VPN also offers its users a 30-days money back guarantee! Plus, it comes in astounding package deals while offering a huge variety of functions, which would in other VPN service providers be unavailable or expensive.

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Top Benefits of Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN provides users with the following benefits:

  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Secured internet connections
  • Military grade security
  • Zero data logging
  • High speed connections
  • User friendly
  • Economic
  • Ad and malware blocker
  • Can use in unlimited devices
  • Allows certain apps to run through the VPN
  • Private DNS and leak protection
  • Kill switch
  • Connect to multiple servers littered all across the globe at a time

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Shurfshark VPN

  1. Question: What is a VPN and how it works?

Answer: VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and that will allow you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. It helps you to shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wifi and more. The VPN works by routing the internet connection through the VPN’s private server rather than your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

  1. Question: What is Shurfshak VPN?
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Answer: Shurfshark VPN is an application that provides the best VPN service for you and the Shurfshark VPN enables you to connect to the internet through an encrypted tunnel. The ultimate objective of the Shurfshark VPN is to provide secure browsing for users.

  1. Question: Will Sharksurf VPN be speed and what is the highest speed of Shurfshark VPN?

Answer: Shurfshark VPN is considered as the super-fast VPN because the optimal location feature automatically connects the user to the closest server. Here are some results of the Shurfshark VPN’s speed based on a speed test. The highest downloading speed in Shurfshark VPN is 40.92 MBPS and the highest uploading speed of the Shurfshark VPN is 14.52 MBPS (on the US – Chicago server).

  1. Question: Is Shurfshark VPN free?

Answer: No, Shurfshark is not a free VPN service; it is a paid VPN service.

  1. Question: Is Surfshark VPN a paid application?

Answer: Yes, Surfshark is a paid VPN service that offers extraordinary VPN service at an affordable cost. The Surfshark VPN provides three basic subscription plans at an affordable price, and you can choose your plan according to your needs. The three subscription plans are best and they provide the best services and make your money worth.

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  1. Question: Is there any trial version of Shurfshark?

Answer: Obviously, you can get 30 days free trial on Surfshark VPN, which enables you to experience the amazing service of the Surfshark risk-free before buying it.

  1. Question: How much do I need to pay for the Surfshark subscription?

Answer: Surfshark VPN’s subscription will change accordingly, the following are the subscription packs that available on the Surfshark VPN.

  • 95 USD for the monthly subscription
  • 88 USD for the yearly subscription
  • 76 USD for the two years subscription

These are the approximate price of the Surfshark VPN subscription and this may vary. Especially the Surfshark VPN will frequently announce offers so the price may change.

  1. Question: How to setup the Surfshark VPN on my Android mobile?

Answer: Setting up the Surfshark on Android mobile is very easy and the Surshark VPN requires Android OS 5.0 or above. To install the Surfshark VPN follow the steps given below.

Step 1: The first step is to open the Google Playstore and search for the “Surfshark VPN” and you will get the app on the list.

Step 2: Now, you have to download the app and open it. Login or signup in the app.

Step 3: The last and final step is to click on the “Quick connect” and enjoy the services and secure browsing.

  1. Question: Does the Surfshark VPN hides the IP address?

Answer: Yes, the Surfshark VPN helps you to browse anonymously by hiding your IP address.

  1. Question: What are the devices that are supported by Surfshark VPN?

Answer: You can use the Surfshark VPN on the windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android Tv, and Chromebook. Also, there are extension files available in the chrome and firefox browser.

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  1. Question: Will Surfshark works on torrenting?

Answer: Yes, the Surfshark VPN will work for torrenting with great speed and also with the unlimited bandwidth.

  1. Question: How to change the virtual location in the Surfshark?

Answer: You can manually change the location on the Surfshark VPN. For that go to the location tab, in the location tab, you can see all the available locations on the Surfshark. SO find a location that you wish to connect and tap the connect tab.

  1. Question: What are the payment methods that available in the Surfshark VPN?

Answer: Currently the Surfshark VPN is offering the following payment options,

  • Card payments (Credit and Debit cards)
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Cryptocurrency
  1. Question: How to use the Surfshark VPN?

Answer: Using the Surfshark VPN is so easy, just launch the Surfshark VPN application and in the main window of the Surfshark VPN find the connect tab. Click on the connect tab and start to browse anonymously.

  1. Questions: What kind of internet connection that supports by the Surfshark VPN?
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Answer: The Surfshark VPN supports any kind of internet connection. This means you can use and enjoy the service of the Surfshark VPN by wired internet connection as well as the wireless internet connection.

  1. Question: Does the Surfshark VPN allows P2P connection?

Answer: Yes, the Surfshark VPN allows P2P (peer-to-peer) connection.

  1. Question: Why I have a slower internet connection or why my internet gets slower when I connected to the Surfshark VPN?

Answer: This may happen rarely, once in a blue moon you may face a slow internet connection when connected to the Surfshark VPN. And this is happening because the VPN encrypts traffic and data before sending it to a server. So, close the app and try again.

  1. Question: Will there be a reminder for the update in the Surfshark VPN?

Answer: The Surfshark VPN will not send out any update notifications and you can do the update manually. The update period is based on the device that you are using. It is advisable to update the Surfshark VPN every two or three weeks to have the lastest of the application.

  1. Question: Why can’t I connect to the Surfshark VPN?

Answer: For connecting to the Surfshark you need to have a strong and good internet connection. So, first, check whether you have a proper internet connection or not. In this case, you can turn off the mobile data and tap on the airplane mode on your device then turn off airplane mode and turn on mobile data and try again.

  1. Question: Does the Surfshark VPN keeps the log of the users?

Answer: No, the Surfshark VPN does not collect or record the logs when the user is connected. But the Surfshark VPN keeps a track of the login attempts of the users to make their service better. Remember that your data and personal details will be safe and the Surfshark is absolutely safe.

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  1. Question: Is Surfshark VPN an antivirus?

Answer: No, the Surfshark VPN is not an antivirus but the Surfshark will help you to have a secure internet connection.

  1. Question: Is there any refund policy on the Surfshark Secure VPN after the subscription?

Answer: Yes, Surfshark VPN offers a 30-days refund policy for the users who did not breach the terms of service of the Surfshark VPN.

  1. Question: Is Surfshark VPN good and safe?

Answer: Yes, the Surfshark is pretty good to use and it is considered as the best secure VPN service.

  1. Question: Can I view all the blocked contents by using the Surfshark VPN?

Answer: Yeah sure you can unblock all the blocked content on the internet.

  1. Question: Why Surfshark VPN?

Answer: The following features will be the answer to this question

  • Supports unlimited devices
  • Cheap and best VPN service when comparing to others
  • 15 Netflix libraries
  • Whitelist
  • Cleanweb
  • No annoying advertisement
  • Strictly no-log policy
  • 17000 + servers
  • 63 + countries

So, don’t miss out on this amazing deal! Surfshark VPN is the ultimate VPN to protect you from the sharks of the cyber world and must have on your devices.

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