Top 10 period Drama series on Netflix { Updated list of the year)

These are the best period drama to most watch on Netflix!

Top 10 period Drama series on Netflix

  1. The crown

 The crown streaming online on Netflix. The crown series all about Queen Elizabeth directed and written by Peter Morgan.

What is in this series 

The crown tells the story of Queen Elizabeth. The crown does not just tell us the story of Elizabeth but also how she become queen it also tells the story of England at that time the royal family and the British government the crown helps you to understand what they deal with the monarchy in England why are they there what do they do and what it does to them so the story in the crown mainly follows Elizabeth as ascends the throne and the challenges she has to face the shows also spends quite a bit of time with other people in her life her sister princess Margaret her husband Philip and prime minister Winston Churchill being some of the more prominent ones this is the type of show that describes some of the stories and some of the things that go on it will sound boring but the whole series worth your time.


  1. When calls the heart

 When calls the heart is a wonderful Canadian American television drama streaming on Netflix. When calls the heart is a story of a young school teacher from an eastern family directed by Neil Fearnley and written by Josef Anderson.

What is in this series 

When calls the heart the main character Elizabeth she is very sweet she comes from an affluent family at the beginning of the series she has to go back to her family to help her mom but she gets called back to the town that she loves she is a teacher there but it’s a big decision between staying with the wealth and going with the loyalty helping the town helping it grow and succeed so she is really helping this small town by teaching the children they have had a lot of crises but there must be a guy in here there must be the old west there must be the old west there’s got to be some shootouts is there anything exciting in this there is some drama.

  1. Versailles  

Versailles is a fiction French series streaming on Netflix. Versailles is all about King Louis XIV of France directed by JalilLespert and written by Simon Mirren and David Wolstencroft.

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What is in this series

Versailles is a story of Louis Philips XIV who has been king since 4 years old. For years, France has been governed by a council of ministers. Now she is dead. The nobles are seizing control to survive Louis must defeat his enemies and build a new power base away from Paris in a small village called Versailles. It is a fiction story but you will very pleasantly be surprised while watching the show that the show has a good bit of history in it now. In this show it’s mostly court intrigue and conspiracies and poisonings and torture and executions and that kind of stuff there is a ton of sex whether it’s gay sex or hetero sex. This series worth watching you will this fiction series.


  1. The Duchess

The duchess is a British comedy series streaming on Netflix directed by Toby Macdonald and written by Katherine Ryan.

 What is in this series 

The duchess show is based on the light of women who live back in the 18th century she was brandy and the last queen of France that was interesting to see how these two women living during the same time who correspondence was like there similarities and differences they both had difficult marriage and they both were fashion icons of their day but then the duchess is also an ancestor of lady dido.

The main lead role in this movie is Jenna Cavendish’s duchess of Devonshire from the penguin. She’s y’all got married girl to her marriage to when she’s the mother and then we see both these different affairs going on and the sacrifices she had to make a longer life and more.


  1. The last kingdom 

The last kingdom is British historical fictional series streaming on Netflix directed by Sarah o’gorman and written by Bermard Cornwell.

What is in this series  

The last kingdom is based on a series of books the Saxon stories. This series essentially tells the story of the beginning of England more specifically the show follows suit red. Suit red was born Saxon but was raised by the Dones. So hundred has to constantly play both sides to survive and to get what he feels belongs to the last kingdom. The story here is told very much from an ultras perspective. It’s a very personal story that’s set in the middle of everything that’s going in England.  

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Top 10 period Drama series on Netflix

  1. Vikings 

Vikings is a British documentary series streaming online on Netflix directed by P J Dillon and written by Michael Hirst.

What is in this series  

Vikings tell the story of Ragnarloothbrok a farmer family man and ax the face champion of the world so the story begins with Ragnar and his ambitions he wants to explore and specifically go to the west and this unusual ambition and ideas put him at odds with the local earl or chieftain. Vikings tell the story of the 18th century. Worth investing your time.


  1. Resurrection – Ertugrul  

Resurrection ertugrul is a Turkish historical fiction series directed by metingunay written by Mehmet Bozdağ streaming on Netflix.

What is in this series

This series is based on the life of ertugrul who founded the ottoman empire. Ertugrul who was a famous warrior from the 13th century. The life of ertugul who is a peaceful and justice-loving person. Byzantines and the Mongols keep on killing people to expand their empire. Ertugul fought all his enemies and proclaimed his destiny. The show tells the story of the 13th century and the life of ertugrul and lots of war.


  1. Peaky blinders 

 Peaky blinders is a British crime series streaming on Netflix directed by Otto Bathurst and written by steven knight.

 What is in this series 

Peaky blinder is a story about England in the early 1900s they are just a gang that has a blade in his hats and they are just dealing with their other gang and trying to make money off horse racing and they have guns and there is cooper after the cop was the bonus he is Tommy Shelby. Peaky blinder character has a dark past he is just a badass he’s quiet he’s intimidating he’s very smart. Peaky blinder has a small gang lead by Thomas Shelby. The gang comes to the attention of chief inspector Major Chester. They are sent over by Winston Churchill Belfast where they had been sent to clean up the city of the Irish republication army.


  1. Enola Holmes 

Enola Holmes is female fiction series streaming on Netflix directed by harry bread beer and written by nancy springer.

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 What is in this series

The story starts while searching for her missing mother teenage Enola holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock to help a runaway lord (Louis Patridge). Enola becomes a very successful detective. She unravels a conspiracy that threatens the course of history.

  1. Anne with an E

Anne with an E is a Canadian series streaming on Netflix directed by Niki Caro series adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery‘s 1908.

What is in this series 

Anne with an E is a story of an orphan girl named Anne who lives on Prince Edward Island. Anne is an orphan girl who gets adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. They lived on a farm called green gables.

Anne is a sweet and talkative girl. Anne lived life as an orphan so that she lacks education and social grace. Anne does not act according to a manner she loves to go to church.

In, Avonlea she finds a new friend Diana Barry. At school, Anne meets a smart boy named Gilbert Blythe. Anne has extremely red hair that’s why Gilbert calls her carrot. As Anne grows up she starts preparing for the entrance exam to queens academy she grants Avery a scholarship. This series shows the ups and downs of Anne’s life.

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